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Satin red Corsa B 16v 1.2 2000 budget learning curve project.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Satin red Corsa B 16v 1.2 2000 budget learning curve project.

    Hi all. Bought this 2000 neglected Corsa off ebay for a little more than scrap value on a whim. I have two Zafiras and wanted to learn some basic mechanics again after a long absence of touching engines. Bodywork I can bodge, electrics I can stumble through but engines and brakes, never been comfortable with.

    which is why I brought this as a first project. Old, neglected, run down but not unrepairable or a crock of crap.

    Going to add photos in the next post as attempting to place them on an ipad is a nightmare.


    total strip down to replace and service brakes, suspension with a 40 mm lower (probably)
    new timing chain and full service.
    new interior. Yuck to the old one. I would burn it but whatever stained it might give off poisonous fumes.
    fix bodywork
    new bonnet
    scrape, clean re seal the underneath and arches
    sound system
    before that a decent alarm
    central locking
    electric windows
    new dash dials inc tachometer
    respray at some point.
    a lot more probably

    and then start again if other build projects are the norm!

    if not sell and get another.

    I have a focus as a run around, family cars are a 08 plate Zafira Elite and a 53 Zafira which is off road as it has a non traceable misfire. Don't even go there. Cost nearly a grand to try to sort and we haven't even found it so as we have paid out nearly as much as the cars worth it's a back burner till we get more info and some experience from the Corsa.

    next post photos.
    Project log. [url][/url]

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    Welcome to TheCorsa. Paid up member straight away! How did you find out about the site out of interest?

    I like this sort of thread, where someone buys an ugly duckling and puts in the effort to spruce it up. Look forward to the pics and progress.
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      Project log. [url][/url]


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        New grilles can be picked up for pennies. Unfortunately the bonnet lip rust is very common on Corsa Bs.

        A going over with a heat gun or some boiled linseed oil will bring the faded bumpers and arches back to their former glory.

        The good thing about these cars is you don't need to spend a lot to clean them up nicely, just a bit of elbow grease will get you quite far.
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        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa D Yellow LE[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa B Atlantis Blue[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
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          I second the linseed oil for a daft few quid. My project shows some progress using that.

          Welcome to the site.
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            Thanks guys.

            Found the issue with non opening bonnet. Clamp had non tightening bolt into U type Nut. Fitted and adjusted... "Pop". Cost less than a pound. Previous owners effort cost a lot of money... Prefer my way of fixing it.

            However up 'ere in Norfuk we do things with hammer and chisel we do.!

            Thank god I am a foreigner here from Hertfordshire
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              Quick question. Has anyone ever retrofitted air bags? If you have the ecu and steering wheel with squib whats stopping you? Obviously wiring and safety minded (new centre console maybe) However isn't it feasible?
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                Bought some alloy hubs. Vauxhall originals. Need some work but will be a zillion times better than 14 inch steeliness. Currently silver but wondered about your opinion on colour. I am tending towards the satin red and a gloss black look so gloss black my current favourite.

                also bought the replacement grill but bonnet won't open again despite adjusting a week ago. Think the cables stretched so will sort that ASAP.
                Project log. [url][/url]


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                  Just seeing this project now mate, same age and colour of my daily only mines an Opel 5 door lol. With regards to the wheels if say gloss black as satin red will just look weird I would think.


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                    Any thoughts then as I am still open minded. Damned weather is really hampering what I do. I can't even start the wheels.

                    will get some photos up of them before starting shortly.
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                      Woohoo. This project finally underway again. Two Zafiras and a ford focus sorted since I last posted. One zafira had misfiring issues which I couldn't sort so purchased an mot failure auto zafira with the same engine as a donor. However all the parts I tried swopping over never sorted the issue. In the end we decided to scrap the 53 and get the 52 auto (which is a green one) through its MOT. We swopped over all the parts we had recently purchased for the silver 53, replaced the greens exhaust, cam belt, track rod ends, water pump, camshaft seals, crankshaft seal, tyres, front brake hoses, all the corners brake pipes, windscreen, tailgate lock, front and rear windscreen wipers. From the 53 we took the manicat, the new brake disks and pads from all the wheels. With all that the green car passed the mot with no advisories.

                      Then I had a thought after watching car maintenance videos on YouTube. I removed the sump on the 53 misfiring silver a day before I had planned stripping it down to a shell and examined the wheel the camshaft sensor reads. Sure enough one of the pins was damaged which occurred during a sump accident. After I cracked the smp in the accident I replaced the sump casing and oil pick up feed, or at least a local garage did but they didn't notice the bent camshaft wheel pin.

                      Bent it back. No misfiring. What a palaver. In the end we sold the green auto for a slight profit on the price of the parts and car. The silver one we are using the duff cat for now but will get a new one for the MOT in October and all the parts from the green donor we substituted are still servicable.

                      The silver focus was my mums who passed away last year. We replaced the exhaust and then sold it as it was a bit of a heart wrench having it about.

                      Now all that's done I started on the corsa today with a trim strip down.

                      I will upload the pics tommorow and use less blurb for now.

                      Game on!
                      Project log. [url][/url]


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                        OK Some photos.
                        Here,s the state of play. Yes that is bind weed growing up through the engine! OOps.

                        Dirty! The Outside hasn,t changed much.

                        Up on axle stands and wheels off. The running gear honestly don't look that bad.

                        However I like working with brakes so I will strip them down and replace the disk and pads and clean and paint everything.

                        Onto the rears.

                        Again. Doesn't seem harsh.
                        Project log. [url][/url]


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                          Onto the strip down. Couple of the wheel trims came off easy. A couple of the fixings just snapped straight out their mount when I tried undoing the plastic bolt. Is this normal? I imagine it's a case of the plastic going brittle over the years. Epoxy and fibreglass to mend it!

                          Big issue though is the rear slam panel. I am removing the tow bar which is for sale if anyone wants it. Too heavy to post though . However one bolt just sheared on initial twist (top right), top left undid nicely but the the two lower nuts holding the slam panel on are just turning. There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can get anything behind them to hold the bolt in place so I can undo the nut. Any ideas? Photo is sheared top nut. How do i undo the two lower ones?

                          Bumpers off and heres some pics of whats underneath.

                          I will be honest, I had thoughts of a quick improvement and move on to a higher spec car but the shell on this car seems very solid. A little surface rust here and there but no holes or cancer yet. I am seriously reconsidering the options.

                          My thoughts are now to make this car a much longer project. Paints crap but a good respray cures all, mechanics look solid and the engine starts first time every-time with no running issues. So the plan is now to get bodywork sorted, all dents and rust removed and dealt with. Then get the essentials sorted, new brakes all round, timing chain replaced (its had a new water pump this year).
                          After that its down to replacing what is stock for better and more desirable. i.e. lowering, better interior, respray. This will mean an entire strip down bit by bit, i.e engine bay stripped, sub frames off, suspension and rolling gear dismantled and revitalised. As I go I will replace all the rusty, broken or worn fixings, bolts, nuts etc so it looks the business and will be easier to work on in future.

                          Any thoughts?
                          Project log. [url][/url]


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                            Try squeezing a falt screwdriver between the bolt and body and twist it as you undo the bolt.
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                              How much for the towbar? not that you can really pull anything more than an obese child with it i thought id enquire as im sick of getting stuff allover my interior
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