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Mark + Rack's daily driver!!

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Mark + Rack's daily driver!!

    Collected this today, as you can see from the pictures below its had a lot of care and attention this was down the the previous owner Tanktop (member on here)
    Liked this car for a while, and when I found out he was selling I'd put an offer in before the advert was even up!!!
    So after doing a total of around 7 hours driving today I had it home in one piece! It lived up to how clean it looked online and drove perfectly all the way home.

    This won't be a huge project thread, I have a few things I will change, but nothing major.
    Anyway, here are the picture of how I received it! Thanks again Tanktop (Ivan)

    Pics don't do justice, cars been driving for 3 hours in nothing but torrential rain!

    Very happy with it, feels so much safer and secure than the B ever did. Feels like a brand new car inside

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    ZLET in under a year IMO.
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      What are the few changes you have in mind?
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        as dave said. zlet or gtfo.


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          TBH, with the amount of work gone into that engine, it would be a shame to see it pulled out. Really like this how it is. Can get any old C to LET it.
          Originally posted by Vegas
          When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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            Only think i'd change is sideskirts back on and maybe the headlights


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              Ill sell mine to be LET'd, leave this as is.
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                Engine is staying.

                On of my first mods will be an irmscher grill.

                Also not a massive fan of headlights, so they may well be on the shopping list. I have loads of ideas in my head as per, but need to remember this is a daily driver
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                  Thank you mark knew it wouldn't let you down and that it will be taken care of. Headlights where changed on martins comments many years back should of had morettes or tinted the standards tbh.

                  As tam says and we discussed yesterday mark only reason side skirts were removed is them being prone to rubbing against the body work and causing paint damage / rust.

                  Pleasure seeing you and meeting your partner.

                  Strange this morning not having it here and using the vectra.

                  Again thanks for your comments

                  And glad you got back alright in that horrible weather


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                    Don't worry it will be cared for!

                    Washed today, and slightly better picture.

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                      Does it pull similar to MOK with acceleration?
                      Very clean looking. Tanktop should have got more pictures like this.

                      It's good you got it rather than someone who'll ruin it with bodges


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                        Yeah, I was driving Ivan mad asking for pics as his were all so Close it was hard to see what I was buying.

                        Acceleration I think is actually bit quicker than mok, definitely a lot smoother.

                        Alsmost feels like a turbo at times, as power comes in at around 3500rpm then speed picks up pretty fast. Done 150 miles now (motorway) and I've used just over 1/4 a tank, so far seems much better on fuel if cause on these are accurate


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                          Was very tempted myself to look into what Ivan was wanting for this. Just couldn't justify the need for another car at the moment.

                          Good to know it's gone to a good home though, I imagine anyone would be hard pressed to find a cleaner and more well looked after Corsa.
                          [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000CD"]Big clear out of parts[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
                          [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa D Yellow LE[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
                          [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa B Atlantis Blue[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
                          [URL=""][B][COLOR="#006400"]Mazda Eunos V-Spec[/COLOR][/B][/URL]


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                            That's why I travelled so far for it.
                            It's a common car, and I could have picked on up much cheaper. Get what you pay for usually, and with engine upgrades and bodywork, aswell as an immaculate interior it was worth it


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                              Congrats Mark and Rach, I also spoke to Ivan about buying the car - you'll get more use from it though and glad it's gone to a good home