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Corsa Sport, Dakar Style.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa Sport, Dakar Style.

    Hi all, thought I would get my project thread up and running as soon as i could on this site.
    Feels good to be one of the first to start a project on here, good to see its already taking off nicely.
    Its a shame about allcorsa, hopefully this won't be the end of that site completely but its certainly a dark day.

    The car is a 1999 Vauxhall Corsa Sport that was bought as a replacement for my 1997 Corsa merit that was written off.
    Its a 1.4 16V engine.
    Mechanically it is fairly standard although i do have some plans to change that.
    Most of this project is about the looks of the car however, as you can probably tell by the thread title this isn't your usual modified corsa.

    Mods are as Follows, some are done, others are part-done and some i haven't started;

    ICE etc;

    1. Third Brake light. (Done)

    2. Green Heater console.

    3. Front Fog lights. (Done)

    4. All the exterior Bulbs need upgrading. (Headlights done)

    5. Boot Light to be Brighter, And Probably Blue. (Done, Also has tube lights fitted now)

    6. Door Speakers & Tweeters to be Upgraded. (Done)

    7. Rear Speakers upgraded and Tweeters Added. (Got parts, Need Fitting)

    8. Interior light/s to be green. (Done)

    9. Footwell lights. (Got the parts.)

    10. Illuminated speaker/tweeter grills.

    11. Interior Light Delay Unit. (Blew up, will try again some day)

    12. Front Spotlights. (Need to finish the wiring)

    13. DRL's. (Done).

    14. iPod connection Head unit (Done)

    15. Subwoofer parcel shelf. (Done)

    16. Boot lid rear light. (Done)

    17. Green illuminated MFD (Done)

    18. Remote central Locking.

    19. Green illuminated heater console.

    Mechanical etc;

    1. Drilled & De-Restricted Airbox. (De-restricted, will be drilled at a later date.)

    2. Gas Bonnet struts. (Done)

    3. MX-5 Alloys. (Got the wheels, just need tyres)


    1. Sunglasses Holder. (got part, needs fitting)

    2. Shagpile carpet in the boot.

    3. Tigra Coin Tray (Done).

    4. Green stitched leather gaitors. (Done)


    1. Rear parking sensors. (Done)

    2. Front Parking sensors. (Partially fitted)

    3. Wind Deflectors. (Done)

    4. Roof Bars & Basket (Done)

    5. Roof Mounted Spotlights (Need to finish the wiring)

    6. Jerry cans, shovels etc on the roof basket. (Done).

    7. Tigra Scuttle panel. (Done)

    8. Angel eye headlights.


    1. Renew the first aid box. (One day).

    2. LED Keylight.

    3. Set of showplates.

    I'm going to upload pics a bit later once i find them all on my computer. I will be copying my old posts from allcorsa and uploading them in order so this thread actually reads like a story.

    Many thanks

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    This deifnately needs some pics :P
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      Originally posted by Dave View Post
      This deifnately needs some pics :P
      Just leaving work so will be sorting those out tonight.

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        Need some pics
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          All lies no pics!!! <--


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            Originally posted by Vegas
            When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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              Nice re-use of image there lmao
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                It made me laugh when you used it, so I wanted it
                Originally posted by Vegas
                When I hit boost me fuel runs out