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My 1.6 16v Corsa b

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] My 1.6 16v Corsa b

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    Hey everyone,

    I purchased my second Corsa back in April, after unfortunately damaging the first one I had...

    With less than 60k on the clock and a very clean shell I decided this was the one!
    After a few easy mods; lowered, headlights, backbox, tinted windows, black bonnet and spoiler and some black 15"bbs's I'm fairly happy with the exterior looks.

    It's now time for a bit more, I've just purchased myself a full sportex system, manifold, decat, race tube, and backbox and plan on purchasing a Vx performance inlet...

    what can everyone recommend of what else I could/should do and what do you think to the work so far?

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    Good work so far,
    I would receive end removing rear lights, removing bra and doing spoiler silver

    Not sure if your. Done those, as not sure if pics in order


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      From the dates it's the top pictures how it looks now


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          Apologies pictures are in wrong order,

          the bottom two are from when I first got it and the top ones are what it's like now....


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            Colour code the spoiler, standard rear lights or German rears and lose the bonnet bra would clean it up nicely, give a more fresh look.

            Everyone has their own tastes though , like the evo 3 in the first pic too haha


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              Must be honest I quite like the black spoiler... The bra is off for the winter and highly doubt it will be going back on, looks flow a lot better without it!
              Will definitely look into some rear lights though..

              What more can I do with the engine just to get that little bit more from it?

              Yeah the Evo is posh, just had an engine rebuild and once it's all set and ready should be looking at over 500bhp.


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                I've got some mint standard rear lights if you want those?

                Look into getting a powerbox inlet, Danny may be selling one still in the for sale section, a 4-2-1 manifold and cat back exhaust.

                Liam on here has a Nova with the same engine as yours in with 120k miles and the above mods and a decat made 129bhp at the wheels on a dyno. Both cheap mods that really open up the engine.

                As for the evo thats awesome, is the guy on any forums?


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                  I think I'm going to get a vx performance inlet, will order it in the next day or 2!
                  is it worth getting a set of cams or will the originals be plenty good enough?
                  As for the decat, will fitting a decat bring up any fault codes/lights??

                  And i I believe he's on Evo 123 but I don't know if he's actually done his project thread yet!!


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                      Okay cool I'll have a look into getting them reprofiled!!
                      And sweet hopefully be installing the exhaust system next weekend so long as it arrives!!
                      is a remap worth while after these mods?


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                            That would be much appreciated if you could Danny cheers.
                            And so it's quite literally bolting these parts on, unless spending serious money on an aftermarket management!?
                            Is it worth while getting a larger throttle body to go with the inlet? What gains would there be if any?


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                              I've never heard of anyone using a bigger throttle body tbh. You'd have to get the inlet custom made to accommodate it as where it attaches wouldn't fit a bigger one. Can't see any gains from it anyway, the standard one is fine.
                              The guides up now.