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  • General c20let info.

    Mate of mine is very interested in going down the Corsa powered c20let route.

    I know the basics but not a massive amount, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what power you could expect with basic mods like filter/turbo/chip and more advanced mods to support 300bhp with a rough price guide?

    Cheers in advance

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    And that would be who's interested, im New to the forum and New to vauxhalls etc, so advice etc is great, thanks in advance.


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      204bhp standard, but pretty much no one fits a standard let these days.

      Phase 1 is around 250bhp ish, achievable in theory with just the chip, no need to increase fuel pressure. The chip (if you're looking at EDS chips for example) removes the boost limit and will run around 13psi held (18psi spike). No internal mods are needed for this, stock rods/pistons/crank etc are all fine. Although not needed 100%, almost everyone will at this point run a front mount intercooler, because they are cool, but also will help keep the charge temps down with your now increased boost. Most people also run something like a Walbro 255 in tank fuel pump at this stage.

      Phase 2 is around 280bhp. You'll want to be looking at fuel pressure by this point. Standard is 3bar if i remeber correctly. Suggested for Stage 2 is 3.6bar. So you'll want to be running an aftermarket fuel pressure reg with a fuel rail adapter. I think the Phase 2 EDS chip is still the same boost as Phase 1, just ignition timing is slightly different, and of course, more fuel (higher duty on the injectors and increased pressure). If you didnt use an intercooler at stage 1, you will definately need to now. Also, if you didnt use the Walbro 255 in Stage 1, you'll need it now. Most people get cautious at this point too, and fit things like ARP rod bolts in the bottom end, not really needed until the next stage. This is about the limit of the standard KKK turbo.

      Phase 3 is superceeded by Phase 3.5, as Phase 3.5 is 350bhp ish. Boost is set to 22psi held with around 26psi spike. Fuel pressure needs to be quite high at this point, at around 4bar. The EDS 3.5 chips raise the limiter to 7,500rpm. They suggest colder plugs gapped to 0.7mm, a lot fo people run Ford plugs for this. This is beyond the limit of the standard KKK16 turbo. You will need an aftermarket manifold, turbo, custom downpipe for whatever turbo you buy. You'll need a large intercooler than any of the other stages. You will also need an ECU that has had the 225kPa MAP sensor fitted to it. (This is generally part of the the EDS 3.5 kit so isnt really a problem). I would also suggest a decent boost controller at this point too, bypassing the stock AMAL valve. Here is when you'll want to look at strengthening the engine with ARP rod bolts, maybe freshen it up by using new big end bearings etc.. A full build isnt reall necessary at this point. Any higher than this though and you're going to want rods/pistons/fresh crank/new bearings and headwork is always a bonus.

      Oh, and almost forgot, a lot of people run the XE inlet cam and retard it a tooth, quite considerable gains as it acts as a more agressive cam on the low comp turbo block/pistons.

      Thats a general overview of the stages people go for with LET's. Obviously its quite hard to provide information when there isnta specific question though. Feel free to ask away, me and mark built his 400bhp LET and thats still running, so we must be doing something right.
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        Bloody hell haha, quite clearly you know your stuff, Sam told me about all the different phases but not into as much detail, the plan is to get a corsa already let converted that needs some body work and touching up etc, what bhp and phase would you recommend for a daily use/track use c20let. Obviously I want it to shift and be seriously quick however, I dont want it to be torque steer in every corner and want it to handle, ive been in sams corsa and that handles and stops like nothing ive ever been in before - thanks for your help dave


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          Would never buy one already done.

          Too many bodged.

          Build one yourself, set aside a few grand


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            See I would do but I just dont have the money, by bodged what do you mean? I would wanna buy one off here or with some sorta back ground


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                What's your budget? I think you're under estimating


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                  Yeah see I was thinking around 280-300 which sounds about right to me and thats exactly what Sam said about tyres and that, and Vegas my budget to purchase an already c20let converted corsa will be around 2-2.5k


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                    That's a decent budget tbh.. I've seen nice ones go for around that.
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                      Yeah I dont want a cheap knock off one I want one with a solid engine and loads of paperwork etc


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                        Yeah, that's drcent


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                          Seen a lot that say they have had thousands spent on them, but then the seller says it's still a 1.2 or 1.4 etc on the log book buyer to change it. For me if it's been converted and had that sort of money spent on it for insurance purposes and the laws etc I would want the log book stating the engine cc and correct info.


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                            Yeah I agree thats what I would like personally whats the point in spending all that money if its not legit


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                              going off adverts and pictures.

                              1994 VAUXHALL CORSA GSI C20LET REDTOP TURBO 290BHP | eBay

                              corsa turbo c20let - Corsa Sport - for Vauxhall and Opel Corsa B, Corsa C and Corsa D

                              things to be wary of:

                              speedo doesnt work, just needs cable. usually most need the clocks changed too. and finding rev counter cable clocks isnt easy

                              abs cars with faulty abs. a total minefield, just dont.

                              header tanks not bolted in. pikey as ****. see silver gsi above. also causes airlocks

                              pipework incorrect. the water pipes need doing a certain way.

                              boost pipes popping off. all joiners should be swaged

                              using a std fuel pump. they cant flow enough for a let that isnt std.

                              brakes, 256mm work, but are a bit small. 288mm or 284 are whats needed.

                              suspension, avoid cheap coilovers. make sure the suspension is spaced right.

                              driveshafts, mtech do snap, gm stuff doesnt. equal length gets rid of a lot of torque steer.

                              dont buy the first one you look at.