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Not one of those guess what it is threads.....

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  • Not one of those guess what it is threads.....

    Saw this, paid the man his money, it is mine - simples

    Vauxhall Astra 1.8i VVT Design 5dr VERY LOW MILES & FSH....- Auto Trader UK
    1972 Viva restoration thread -

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    Looks like a good replacement for the Vectra.
    I take it there was no chance of you opting for a CDTi model?

    I thought you'd have only got a new car when the Vectra handed in the towel.


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      No chance me touching a CDTi

      Alas, the Vectra needs money spent on it, lots of little things all at once, so when I saw this I thought it was better to put the money towards a replacement. The engine bay is absolutely mint.
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        Very nice taurus VVT and half leather too :->


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          I secretly like driving the work astra, nice cars and good find with only 10k
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