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Recommend a dashcam?

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  • Recommend a dashcam?

    I'm on the lookout for a dashcam, more of a set up and forget thing so ideally discrete and a fairly decent video quality. I'd also rather not break the bank for it...

    What do you guys use?

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    Go pro seem to be the ones people talk about the most. My wedding videographer had one on the bonnet of his car when we were driving to out reception, the quality on the DVD is impressive.
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      I want to buy a goPro.

      Expensive stuff though


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        I was looking at those, but there is also the Drift Ghost HD (or whatever it is called) that is also rated well.

        I guess I'm not sure I really want to spend that much money though, it's more for peace of mind and I think someone is more likely to actually break in to steal a Go Pro if it's on the dash than the alternatives. I guess I could just take it out but I'd rather something I didn't have to.


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