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Do i need to hook up trailer electrics ?

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  • Do i need to hook up trailer electrics ?

    Hi all, ive got my towbar fitted to my corsa SXI.

    purchased a small trailer for general use, ive no idea how to wire it up but...

    the corsas rear lights... indicators brake light etc are high up and would be clearly visible to anyone,

    legally would i be ok ?

    its a bit of a grey area it seems, i was gonna go to the police station but i assume they'd tell me to contact VOSA via telephone or something

    any help appreciated.

    P.S most small trailers i see simly have a wooden or even cardboard rear plate.. i have a spare front one would this be ok eventho its for the front ?

    i mean if people get away with cardboard and a pen then surely this is better than that..
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    Needs to be yellow plate on the rear, written/carboard is not legal and will leave your liable for a fine.

    In terms of electrics. By law, yes you should have it wired up as it shows there's extra length to a vehicle, ie motorcycles cutting through. At night, an unlit trailer would be misable and could cause accidents etc.

    Same reason large poles etc out the boot should always have something bold tied to them so it can be seen.
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      Tow Bar Electrics ??


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        You can buy a wiring kit from anywhere that does towbars. They are specific to each year/model - and since you haven't said what year yours is it's impossible to say how easy the job is. But generally it's pretty straightforward.

        I tow boat trailers (empty) with no rear board, simply because there's nowhere to attach a board to an empty boat trailer. But not a night and I still tie a rag to draw attention to the rear end of the trailer. But for a standard box trailer a board is essential.
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          Sorry i should have said i do have the wiring kit that came with the towbar, everything's ready to go i just dont know where to take the wires from

          i can't seem to find a guide, and the link above wont allow me to view it as my internet provider says it may be infected?