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    Alright lads,
    So.. to open honeslty, im a VAG guy, never owned a vauxhall before.
    The chance came up to buy a 2008 Corsa SRi (heavily modified) as far as i can tell.
    It has a dayno print out of over 220BHP at the wheels and its hella fun to drive.
    Im planning to keep this a track car / fast road fun.
    I have been 'told' its all been done well, SMF, injectors, CAMs, Hybrid turbo etc etc..
    I dont honesly know any of its real but its silly fast for the small wheel base.

    Can anyone advise, as i know NOTHING about these cars, a good lcoation of where i should start, in terms of good track upgrades, anything i should look for? Is there a good wiki somewhere?

    Is there any forum members in the Wiltshire / Bristol area that knows a lot about these willing to help a brother out? give it a once over and advise on where i should go with it?

    Cheers, Lukey

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    To follow up on this, i have no idea what oil to use in the car, what spark plugs i need to use.
    i think i need some help!


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      Where in bristol will keep a eye out for you


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        I would be concerned if a car like this had been purchased by someone who has no knowledge of this type of car ,first of all the insurance for this to be used "on road" would be
        very, very expensive, that is if you even get cover for this , AND ALL MODIFICATIONS HAVE BEEN DECLARED" to the insurance .based on your age and experience ,with respect. Cars of this heavily modified nature are also very expensive to maintain,the suspension for example gets hard punishment,with component failures ,tyres and wheel rims also suffer from damage and fractures on very low aspect ratio"s. I hope you have a list /record etc of the work done,and NOT just word of mouth, so you need to know what has been fitted , and by who, as often when repairs are needed ,many mechanics will not touch an unknown engine etc unless they have proper info in it.
        Also knowing nothing, as you say leaves you open to garages who will exploit this,and quote exhorbitant prices to you, if and when required , but beware it is a money pit.
        Hopefully a VXR member can advise you.


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          220 BHP in a Corsa certainly sounds like a bit of fun to drive! I'd say if you plan to put it on a track just be 100% the brake system is up to the job, and personally I wouldn't spend more on upgrades until you've tried a track to see where the shortfalls are.
          I'm sure for not a lot of money a garage could check everything is 'safe', but of course on a track you will put more strain on pretty much anything, it's hard to say for sure if the parts will all cope.

          Good luck, and get some pics up!