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Outcome of consultation re. MOT exemption for older vehicles

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  • Outcome of consultation re. MOT exemption for older vehicles

    Roadworthiness testing for vehicles of historical interest - GOV.UK

    A copy of the report has been emailed to those who took part in the consultation. In summary a rolling exemption will be applied to light vehicles over 40 years old with no mileage limit imposed.
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    That's good news for classic car people I guess! Assuming they're well maintained of course...

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      The relevant bit is precisely that - assuming they are well maintained.

      To be honest, much as I have an inkling about what I am doing I will still submit my car to an objective check on a regular basis. OK - so my Viva passes every MOT with no problems - but I'd much rather know everything has been independently checked.

      In general classic owners are against this change because those that look after their cars don't have an issue with the MOT. Those who don't look after them are the ones who will be happy and that's not good news.

      The only thing that is good is that it is not always easy to find a garage that knows how to inspect a classic car. I remember rebuilding a Mk1 Escort and the MOT guy failed it on play in the front suspension. An older mechanic wandered over and put him straight - "Son, I used to build those things. They had play in the upper mount from new - it was how they were built."

      The next year the guy tried to fail it on emissions
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        I'd prefer this for classic cars and the rule for no MOT for the first three years to be changed. I imagine a lot more classic cars are well looked after rather than some new cars.
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          Good news for my mini lol

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