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My Corsa E SRi VXLine

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  • My Corsa E SRi VXLine

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    Welcome! Nice clean car, any plans to modify or happy as it is?

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      Yeah it came up well, I was shocked how bad the paint was for an 18 month old car. Guessing it was sat on a dealers forecourt for a good few months before I bought it!

      As above really, I'll probably wait until the warranty runs out and then go for a remap to take it to about 150bhp and some Eibach springs to firm up the handling a bit. It's not too bad as standard, it's quite a torquey engine but tends to bounce around a bit on back roads when pushing on. So hopefully a remap and some Eibach's will do it the world of good. Just don't want to risk messing with it while it's under warranty in case there are any underlying issues. It's only ticked over on 6000 miles the other day, so it's only just run in really. Last thing I'd want to do is get it mapped then the gearbox or engine go bang and Vauxhall refuse to fix it.