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Is there any way I can tell if my 1.3 CDTi is chipped/remapped?

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  • Is there any way I can tell if my 1.3 CDTi is chipped/remapped?

    I've just bought a really tidy 2009 Corsa 1.3 CDTI with only 36,000 miles and full service history and my initial intention before buying it as it is a 75 BHP, (Z13TDJ engined), car was to have it chipped/remapped, but having driven it for a couple of days now I'm beginning to think it may have already been done as the car goes like the clappers and pulls like a train for a 1.3 diesel.

    When I say goes like the clappers, I'm not exaggerating, (I'm 58 years old and have several "performance cars" over the years), with it romping up to 90 MPH on the motorway easy and still accelerating quite hard, (I value my licence too much to take it further), with hardly any effort and pulling so strongly from 40 MPH in 5th on the level it's hardly worth changing down, surely a 75 BHP 1.3 turbo diesel shouldn't go like this car does?

    Can anybody tell me if there is any way that I can find if it has been chipped or remapped from looking under the bonnet, because if it isn't, ye gods know what it will go like if I do have it chipped

    By the way, Hi, I'm new here


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    Welcome to the forum
    I cannot t answer the mapping question.Probably need the ecu read on a computer. But have you ever driven a 1.3 turbo diesel before? They really do come into their own at higher speeds, 'picking up their skirts' and flying. Not so good on the grand prix starts though. I drive my corsa diesel fairly gently but my 1.4 yaris diesel will leave most small cars for dead.


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      I had a 90bhp 1.3 CDTi Corsa and that was fantastic.
      My inlaws have the 75bhp version like yourself. There's is standard and pulled pretty well against my Civic Type R...they're pretty torquey engines tbh.

      Could always take it on a RR ;-)
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        If you buy an OBD2 (check the Corsa D uses that connection) bluetooth adapter and you have an Android phone or Android tablet you will be able to use an app called Torque that can provide readings for the turbochargers boost pressure. You would need to check standard boost pressure and compare it to yours.

        The bonus with the connector and Torque as well is it works on lots of different cars and doubles as a code read / clearing faults.