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  • Car tax refund help

    Sorry if this is wrong section.

    Basically I sold a car on the 1st of August to a mate, signed logbook 1/9/15Was paying car tax monthly, a payment came out the day I sold it Then another the following month so I cancelled the direct debit Received a letter on the 9/9/15 saying they had acknowledged I had sold the car

    Now I tried to get the 2 months payment refunded since it was no longer my car Rang them today and they said I'm not due a refund because they didn't receive notification of change of ownership until September (there was a delay sending logbook off)

    So I said I don't care I sold the car a month before September, they then argued with me saying I didn't sell it until September (they wouldn't say what date) So I argued that wasn't true and they said they had it on paper in front of them saying it had been sold in September

    Now, my mate has sold the car last week so he doesn't have the logbook How can I get proof that I sold the car on the day that I did?

    What would be classed as enough proof to prove that I sold it when I said I did? Any help would be great, thanks

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    Unfortunately you will only get a refund for tax from when they receive the logbook. If you signed it on 1/9/15 ie 1 September then that's what they will go off. They will only refund whole months from after the paperwork is dated. So if sell a car do it at the end of the month and get the paperwork in quick.
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      The logbook was signed 1/8/15 but I paid again on the 1/9/15 so I should be due 2 or at the least 1 month payment

      But they are saying I sold the car a month after they did


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        Personally I'd probably write off for the time and effort it would cause trying to get it back
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