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  • Private reg selling help

    Can anyone help me out, I've had a good look around on Google but come up with no real help, so anyway..

    My mam has a private reg on.her car she wants to sell, what is the procedure to do this? I know it needs to be taken off the car and then can be sold on but how do you get it taken off and what's best place to sell it once it's off?


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    i know this post is about 3 months old now but just incase you haven't sorted it or someone else come across it asking the same question.

    you need to fill out one of these retention documents to get a new registration for the car you can then sell the old reg on. just read the form and fill out the right sections and as a cheque for 80 quid.
    Take a look, Its old and rusty[URL=""][/URL]


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      Thanks pal