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  • Please Help !!!

    We have a 1.4.Corsa design, 2009 Automatic. Ok today
    my lady couldn't get the car out of Park. Having scanned the internet, I managed
    to get it out of park by removing the shift lever cover and press down on the
    yellow tab. This I did and then I was able to put the "Stick" into Neutral. I
    did and yes we had gears.

    Now what needs to be replaced so that I don't
    have to do this ? I was told the brake light switch is at fault, even though the
    brake lights worked. I am told this is also the gear release switch ? Is this
    the one located on the pedal ?? Also anybody got a part number


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    Hi, you need to post in the correct help section and be more descriptive in your thread title. Thanks.
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