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  • Pela oil extractor

    Being an old fashioned kind of guy I've always done things the traditional way, like removing the sump plug to drain engine oil. I thought I'd try one of those vacuum oil extractors which are claimed to make life much easier. They're used a lot on boats as engine access is limited, and some car engines these days come without sump plugs. The one I bought is this one

    Pela 650 Heavy Duty Cylindrical Oil Pump

    they're cheaper from a boat chandlers by the way.

    I'm converted - simply warm the engine up, shove the tube down the dipstick tube and give it a few pumps - change the filter and by the time that's done the sump is empty. I measured what it removed from a Z10XE and it got the whole 3.0 litres of oil out. The oil is held in the container and it's easy to pour straight into an empty can for recycling.

    No jacking up, no crawling around on the ground, much less mess.

    You do need to think where to store the tubes after the job is done as oil will drip out of them for a while.
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    I've never liked these.
    Oil is going to drop a load of crap in the bottom of the sump which these just aren't going to pick up.
    I like the idea of it but would hate to use it on a vehicle I actually wanted to last.
    The garage I used to work at used these on everything and i fount they never pick up all the oil. (Probably to do with the shape of the sump)


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      Am i right in thinking these are really good for cars with oil coolers?
      If i remember right it was something to do with some oil stays in the oil cooler when draining via the sump method due to the oil cooler's thermostat.


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        I can't see it makes any difference to a car with an oil cooler, they suck from the bottom of the sump which is pretty much the same as dropping it through the sump plug.

        Re not draining it all, I measured what came out and it withdrew a full 3 litres which is all a z10xe holds. I think the point of them is that they enable oil changes to be quick and easy so you can do them more frequently which always good for an engine. Heavy deposits at the bottom of a sump don't come out when the plug is removed so I reckon there's no gain or loss on that score.

        I'll use it again just because it is so easy to use.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          Think i might buy one. I still put it in every 10k to a regular garage to keep the service book fully stamped but i want to service it in between them at 5k. My oil filter is removed from the top as well so this is ideal.


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