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what to watch out for on buying a 10+ year old corsa

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  • what to watch out for on buying a 10+ year old corsa

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    Corsa C - corrosion isn't usually an issue.

    Automatics - can be troublesome. Make sure it drives right and there are no warning light showing.

    Depending on engine size - 1.0, 1.2 and later 1.4 are chain driven camshafts. They can all sound a bit rattly but make sure any noises are excessive. Look for a good service history as they need regular oil changes.

    In general they are reliable - most failures are usually down to poor servicing.

    There are a few issues, though they are easy fixes: they can eat crankshaft sensors for breakfast, the airflow meter can fail and must be replaced with a genuine one, oil pressure switches leak. Some of the 2003-4 models had a weak water pipe on the water pump which can fracture. Make sure it hasn't overheated, they won't tolerate it. Look for signs of emulsion in the oil - some is common on round town cars but make sure it isn't excessive. A leak in the timing cover gasket behind the water pump can allow coolant and oil to mix.
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      thanks for that
      will look at those things