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New 2015 Corsa: Is turbo worth it?

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  • New 2015 Corsa: Is turbo worth it?

    Hi guys,

    New here so appreciate it if you could be as patient as possible with me! I don't know an awful lot about cars (as you'll probably find out now)

    Popped in to my local vauxhall, decided that ive had my Corsa C 1litre too long and want something modern and a bit quicker for the next five years. Got quoted for a 1.4 and a 1.4 turbo and both came out at similar prices for me over 60 months. Obviously insurance is going to be different, but is it worth me getting a turbo on such a small engine size?

    i don't NEED it.. The 1.4 helps me pull away much quicker than my 1 litre anyway. I just wondered if it's worth getting, will it make much difference, will the MPG be miles worse, or should I leave it and get the 1.4 to save the salesman rubbing his hands when I'm buying a turbo I really won't need? If I have a car for five years, maybe the turbo will stop me getting bored of it?

    appreciate any help guys

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    I'd definitely go for the turbo. The new Corsa is a heavy car, and you'll soon get fed up of the low powered 1.4, especially if you're stuck with it for 5 years.
    The beauty of a turbo is that you get the extra power without too much loss of mpg. I don't know the exact numbers for the 2 engines, but I imagine the turbo should be just as good on fuel.


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      To be honest the turbo will probably make your mpg better. Because of the increased power you spend a lot less time with your foot planted.

      I'm driving a 1.2 turbo seat Leon at the moment and I'm getting 50mpg not as good as my Audi but it's great for a petrol.

      Get the turbo


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        I imagine the turbo will be worth more when you come to sell it aswell.


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          I'd go for the turbo.As Danny says the newer Corsas are a lot heavier than a corsa C ,and they are higher geared for economy,which you really notice when slogging up inclines on motorways or going for an overtake. With a Corsa D you need to go up an engine size compared to the C just to stay level on performance. I dont know if things are different with the latest model.A turbo will bring a grin to your face when it kicks in, even if like me you have been driving for ,erm... a while. Non turbo may leave you slightly disappointed.
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