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Buying/taxing a new car?

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  • Buying/taxing a new car?

    I'm going to look at a new car tomorrow, and if I decide to buy it and hopefully pick up on Sunday, I'm not sure what I have to do with tax.
    I think is currently taxed, but with the new system, it can't be transferred I believe. So do I need to tax it online before I go? Will I be able to since there'll be no record of me owning it yet? And with it already being taxed.

    Also, how likely are my insurance company (elephant) to allow me to change the car on my policy on the last day, as it expires on Monday and I'm not renewing with them.

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    Tax as far as I would guess would be fine as it won't be refunded for a couple of days (my views)

    Elephant would charge administration fee for a car change but I'm sure they would do it


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      I got told that when you buy a car you need to ring tax office get taxed changed before you drive, this will then make there tax null and void there and then.


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        You are meant to tax there and then before driving, in theory you could probably drive home and get away with it as it will still be on the system as taxed.
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          When I bought my last car, I drove it home as it was taxed with current owner, so wouldnt flag up on an ANPR camera, then the next day took the new owner slip of the V5 into post office and taxed it.


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            When the DVLA perform the change of keeper on the V5 is when they refund the current tax to the previous keeper.
            I think the best thing to do when you buy it is tax it online if possible via your phone or you can use the new keeper supplement to tax it at a post office as well.

            Be careful about how / when you tax it. I heard about some people online taxing it before DVLA done the change of keeper and the new owners tax went to the previous owner instead.