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    Been looking to getting an air compressor for spraying, always enjoyed spraying parts and I do it a lot. Friends always asking me to spray their stuff but with rattle cans I never really get a good finish. Especially as I'm looking at respraying the front end of the MR2 at some point.

    From the research I have done on the interwebs people recommend at least a 50L Receiver and an output of around 7CFM for gravity fed spray guns.
    Found this on ebay and is a good price.
    Rhyas 6 8 24 50 Litre VTwin V Twin Air Compressor + FREE Kit | eBay

    Now getting the equipment is pretty easy. However, I have NO idea where to get the paint for it. Looked online for a bit but can't find any sellers that sell a bloody pot of stupid paint.

    Does anyone know where the hell I can buy some? haha
    [CENTER]Understeer: when you hit the wall with the front of the car.
    Oversteer: when you hit the wall with the back of the car.
    Horsepower: how fast you hit the wall.
    Torque: how far you take the wall with you.[/CENTER]

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    Hi Mate, im sure someone will tell you somewhere far more useful but I always use Car Paint and Commercial, Industrial Paints UK from Leonard Brooks

    They have a shop in Harlow, Essex as well as near Romford.

    Always spot on with the colour matches and also really helpful when buying paint generally.

    I'm sure theres probably paint shops near you but thought might as well let you know!


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      Cheers mate. So I'm guessing you can't get anything 'off the shelf' from anywhere?
      [CENTER]Understeer: when you hit the wall with the front of the car.
      Oversteer: when you hit the wall with the back of the car.
      Horsepower: how fast you hit the wall.
      Torque: how far you take the wall with you.[/CENTER]


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        Its years since I bought auto paint.Last time was somewhere in Strood. In those days it was easy for amateurs to buy cellulose but more toxic 2K stuff etc was increasingly difficult due to EU health and safety regulations. I cant remember where I went but it may have been at victory park ,Trident close Rochester. They are still there and sell the stuff, but may limit range for diy customers. I agree about compressors, At least 50 litre. A 25 litre might just do for spraying but really struggles with air tools such as DA sanders etc.
        The spraygun that came in the free kit with my compressor was pretty crap.I got much better results after buying a fairly low budget one, and no doubt a pro one would have been better still.
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          There will be a automotive paint shop in your area, if in doubt go to a bodyshop and ask them where they buy theirs from. I buy cellulose mixed to whatever colour and size needed over the counter. They have a brilliant bit of kit that scans the colour on a panel and then gives them the recipe to make a perfect match.

          Most of the cheaper compressors are all made in the same factory in China and shipped under a whole range of brand names. I bought a Wolf compressor which is identical to the ones sold at Machine Mart for twice the price. The only difference is the cheaper ones come with Euro fittings instead of UK, but that's not a problem. You can easily swap the connectors, and most of the cheap (but good) kit from Lidl comes with Euro fittings anyway.

          A key thing to watch is the quality of hose - do not buy cheap hose, you'll strangle the air supply.

          I spray with a 50l tank and it's fine. You just need to do smaller areas at a time or else the compressor is running too much and the air gets hot. I've done wings / bonnet etc but not the whole car at once.
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            Halfords will mix up a paint pot from a given paint code. when you get their paint mixed up you have the choice of a pot of a rattle can. I will be respraying parts of the mini soon


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              I did my fiesta with a clarke 25ltr compressor and just took my time kept up just fine. used there gravity fed gun too. had no issues and the outcome was fine. of the shelf paints can be bought from kent paints at the bottom of bluebell hill.
              Unit 4 Willow Industries,
              Tyland Lane, Sandling,
              Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3BN

              not to far from you and they mix to order so take the paint code or a jacking cap or something the car scan it from.
              quite reasonable priced too 5l of 2k, thinners and hardener cost me just over 300quid when i did the fiesta.

              Take a look, Its old and rusty[URL=""]


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                Try and keep your compressor looking clean and shiny, ie avoid overspray gradually building up. I sold a very ordinary 25 litre compressor a couple of years ago on ebay. Because it looked almost new I got loads of watchers and bidders and sold it for almost what it cost me new! Good news if you decide to upgrade.