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Astra coupe/coupe cabriolet (what to look out for when buying)

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  • Astra coupe/coupe cabriolet (what to look out for when buying)

    Looking at buying an astra coupe as next car possibly a convertible, but probably not.
    any common problems or weaknesses? Also any advice which engine to get? I've read online to avoid the 2.2...? What's too high mileage for the engines? Seen a few around 70k

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    If you look at the 2.0 turbo, the turbo is a weak point, but a good excuse to swap it for the vxr turbo.

    Rust on the bonnet. Put in better bushes in the gear stick otherwise it feels like you're steering porridge when you change gear.

    My advice is not to buy one. Probably the most boring car I've ever owned


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      I can agree with Samo, they look good but that's about it. (I've only driven my ex's 1.8 bertone though so I don't have a vast experience with them.)
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        The 2.2 is a good engine as long as it's been looked after
        The chain is a weak point but with service history with good oil and it's fine
        Mines going in next week to have the chains done and mines done 120k on its first chain never had any probs
        But rust on the bonnet and rear arches can let them down
        On the cab make sure the roof works as it should as they are not cheap when they break


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          More than likely get the 1.8 if I get 1, mainly been looking at normal as opposed to convertible as you said they're expensive and I've read that elsewhere too, I'll look out for any rust.