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My Vauxhall Corsa b sxi year 2000

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  • My Vauxhall Corsa b sxi year 2000

    I have just bought a Vauxhall Corsa b sxi 1.2 16v that hasn't been running since year 2010 Ive now got it running by fitting a new air mass flow sensor a coil pack and 4 new spark plugs, ive only drove it about 30 miles since ive done the work to it, but last night I drove about 15 miles and the engine went boiling hot so I left it for about an hour came back to it and it was still really hot. so I took the coolant cap off looked inside and it was a really dark brown colour, so then I took the oil cap off and it was a tad watery and a bit gooey Im not sure if the fans coming on or not what would you advise me to do or check?

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    The best bet would be to give it an oil and filter change, as well as a coolant change. It's been still for 4 years, considering what's been changed already, mightvas well finish off the servicing.
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    When I hit boost me fuel runs out