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  • soon to be back in a b

    found this little corsa on corsasport, the guy had on ebay and it did sell, but nobody turned up for it.

    its a S reg 1.5 TD, 91,000 miles loads of receipts, sport interior, electric sun roof, windows and mirrors. #

    body is a little rough but its nothing that can be sorted and theres not tax or mot.

    came with a spare bonnet and wings in the same colour, stainless back box and a new clutch, and its on corsa sxi wheels.

    corsa sport link:

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    Hey mate, long time no see on the forums!
    How you doing?

    Good buy. Just get some of that rust sorted out and a polish and will look great.
    If the engine is well serviced they're bullet proof but the gearbox is a bit puny. I had 185k on mines on the original gearbox and engine before it got wrote off and never burned any oil.


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      hey, not bad thanks pal.
      I come on from time to time just having a nosey lol. I've just been busy with work and the civic.

      This corsa just needs some tlc, but the engine sounds great. couldn't believe how quite it was, was expecting it to sound like a van.

      How's things your end?


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        Yeah all good man. Moved off the Vaux platform now and onto a Seat TDi instead.

        That's quite low mileage as well for one of them. They're quite laggy because it's non ECU controlled on the turbo but less things to go wrong that way.
        Any plans for after you get it?


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          nice car man. only plan to tidy it up for now. rather get the civic running first. but once thats done the mods can start.

          but most of the mods have been done like the seats, sunroof, brakes and wheels. saves me a job


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            picked the car up today. its currently at my mates unit. we took the battery off and moved the header tank to check the brake pipes and two are leaking so those will hopefully be sorted over the weekend. then it can be put in for its mot