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  • Opie Oils - Oil Service Pack Look Up HERE

    Good news,

    Opie Oils now offer an online oil recommendation tool for standard cars where you can find the correct Engine Oil & Filter Service Kits, Engine Oil only service kits and 1 litre Engine Oil Top Up Kits for your car.

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    Please note If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil; please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.

    For nearly 10 years Opie Oils have been offering oil recommendations and advice on over 1,000 forums and we have now applied our invaluable knowledge to our online recommendation tool. Unlike the majority of our competitors our lookup tool gives a recommendation that provides you with the correct specification oil and amount for a full change plus an option for OEM quality oil filter too!

    There are three types of look up you can select:

    - Car Service Kit - Engine Oil & Filter- Car Engine Oil (Without OEM Oil Filter)

    If you're looking for the correct specification and amount of engine oil for servicing your vehicle but already have the oil filter then this is for you. These recommendations sometimes have a little more oil than the fill quantity which is ideal for topping up. Again this option comes with a disposable filling kit with disposable funnel and gloves, dipstick wipe and hand wipe.

    - Car Top Up Kit - 1 Litre of Engine Oil

    Just need a 1 litre top up? Then use this option to get the correct viscosity and specification. With the addition of our disposable top up kit it makes topping up a quick and easy job.

    To get your recommendation it's simple. Select the type of look up you require and then enter your vehicle information. You will then be presented with the correct products for your car with prices and option to add to basket.

    In the future we plan on adding additional products to our lookup tool, this includes spark & glow plugs, brake parts, wiper blades and much, much more! We will keep you all updated....

    - oilman