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Ultimate Scottish Street Car Show Pics (Couple of tidy Vauxalls as well!)

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  • Ultimate Scottish Street Car Show Pics (Couple of tidy Vauxalls as well!)

    Was up at Crail on Sunday there for the Ultimate Scottish Street Car show.
    Was mostly there for the 1/4 mile action but few nice cars parked around as well.

    Will try and compile all the 1/4 mile and drift videos and post them some point through the week.}

    There's a lot of pics to get through so will post them in installments as well

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    This guy used to be on our old website. Had a good chat with him. He's got it riding on air now but done the 100+ mile drive not much higher than it was here


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      Only one car with the tyre shine


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        Stripped out, LSD, 2.1 Zetec and on Jenveys. Was really fast for N/A and giving the stripped out Focus RS a good spanking most of the way up the strip.

        Bike was running NOS

        Fastest FWD there last year i think.


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              So many nice cars. Every time I picked a favourite, a better one came up.
              Please contact me via PM if you would like to transfer your AllCorsa Gold Membership over to our VIP Membership. It's completely free to do so.


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                I think the Nova Saloon was my favourite car of the day there i got a picture of when parked, but the Mk1 Escort on the 1/4 mile was my favourite overall.


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                  Omg that interior for that corsa .. Insane


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                    The guy with the nice interior Corsa was pretty cool to chat to. He used to have a project on AllCorsa.
                    Said he was talking to Vegas at PVS i think as well.