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Corsa VXR. More hassle than it's worth?

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  • Corsa VXR. More hassle than it's worth?

    19,000 miles

    I've searched for common faults and found a few worrying ones.

    4th piston going
    air con pipe
    expensive wheel bearings
    paint work is awful (bubbles)
    random dents appearing (from jacking up I guess).

    Needs to be run on super unleaded, and warmed up and cooled down before use. I'm guessing that relates to the 4th piston problem.
    And there's no guarantee this has been done...

    After reading that I'm pretty certain it's a no go. It almost seems like i'm posting this to convince someone to change my mind :facepalm:

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    just ****ing do it!


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      Search the Internet and every car will break. Any 320d over 7 years old will have shat its turbo or ingested its swirl flaps, rx8s will drink the north sea's all reserve and then blow up, etc.

      If you want one, take precautions, check the service history and like all cars be prepared for a bill at some point.
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        I understand all cars have their common faults. That's why I looked into it. But a piston going before 20k?


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          The piston 4 things is due to high temps. There are a few things you can do to stop it happening. But as with all internet problems, it's blow a little out of proportion, suddenly everyone knows a mate of a cousins brother that had a corsa that piston 4 melted etc etc... Go to PVS and see how many people there are worried about pistons melted in their vxr's, not a lot.
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            From my mates experience of damaging number 4 piston it was a combination of a very aggressive remap and standard intercooler.

            If you keep it standard i'd imagine it'll be fine and if you want to mod it, then cool running thermostat, bigger / better intercooler, and decat will all work to prevent piston failure from heat.
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              Buy it and get a good 3rd party warranty as well? thumbs_up:
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                Warrant sounds like a good idea. I see what people are saying, but on a lot of places people are saying there cars are standard. It's simply because they are not warmed up and cooled down I reckon, thanks to the turbo.

                Either way I managed to fix the car for 3.03 so finance isn't needed yet, putting off buying a new car till I get back from holiday.
                Still got a meeting with the bank today though to talk about my options when it comes to it.