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  • Opinions on this Corsa?

    Ive been shopping for a Corsa for a few months now. And this one remains listed and everytime I see it, I want it BAD. It looks to be a PROPER setup car. Lots of new bits, it was a 1.2L swapped completely to a GSi. I cant see the interior, but i am waiting on some photos from the seller. Recent TUV (inspection), seller says its solid and only has a bit of body work that needs finished such as the guards have been repaired and need touching up and some surface undercarriage that I can POR. Rust isnt too big of a problem [I drove a MG for a while ] but the guy wont move on the price. Its 1100 Euro which is 1584USD. The posting is in german, Ill post the translated version below.

    Gebrauchtwagen: Opel, Corsa, GSi, Benzin, € 1.100,- AutoScout24 Detailansicht

    "Due to time reasons I have to give my current project unfortunately . For sale is a already by the previous owner converted Corsa A (original it was I think a 1.2 or 1.3 ) . Rebuilt on GSI ( E16SE ) with upgraded CAT. Installed by the previous owner : Single Arm / Coilover installed by me NEW : Steel Braided Brake lines / EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads Sport / EBC brake discs / calipers / brake drums including inner life ( brake shoes and drums of EBC ) Digital speedometer with sun. All joints of the front axle have been replaced including the handlebar. The brake line from brake master cylinder to the front right wheel is made ​​new. The body looks like this: new sills welded / lamp pot reconstructed left. On the lower floor a bit what still needs to be done. Wheel arches were still made ​​by the previous owner , there is needed a little reworking. At the rear plate and a bit of work is needed. Now to the engine: The engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt. From the head of 1.3 mm were taken ( compression : 12,5 bar) Most of the worst and most intensive money has already been made ​​. I think I've forgotten anything . Registration papers are currently in the glove compartment where I come so quickly ran , so the Year is probably incorrect."

    That worth paying $1500 for and then $1800 to import it?

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    I'm sure I've seen that before.

    Anyway it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it, if you want it and you are willing to pay that amount them it doesn't really matter what anyone else's opinion of what it's 'worth' matters.
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      Well the price of the car is great. but the shipping is making it cost more. So i will end up paying $3500 once its all said and done. You guys know the Corsa more than me, so is it worth $3500 for a Corsa GSi? Its basically a GSi because all the brakes and stuff have been swapped.

      Another concern is I cant seem to find a catalog that will have the part numbers for the maintenance parts and stuff that I will need when I do bring it, because FIRST thing I would do is a big @ss tune up and timing belt (if equipped) etc but the auto parts stores here are worthless.


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        the shells not had the plates put in for a gsi. btw gsi brakes arent much better than 1.2 ones.....

        id be looking for a genuine gsi mate. had a look on png?


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          PNG? never heard of it. but if its an Opel and the shipping is reasonable to the US then I might be interested

          The plates dont really matter to me because through the importing it will be re-titled and all that. Got my mate in Germany who is going to look at the car I pick, and clean it up, then box it up at port to send my way. The problem with a pure GSi is the price. I dont see spending $6k on a old ass opel. Its just unreasonable to me to buy a 1988 anything for more than $3000... There is a SWEET 1991 GSi with the v6 in it, but they want 10k for it......

          My main concerns are as follows:

          Aftermarket bits.

          That one seems to fit the bill almost to the T. I want to see the interior still.... But if I import that one specifically, I will have the only Corsa in the US let alone a GSi (clone).


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            Performance Nova Group - PNG

            i meant the strengthening plates welded in the bay that gsi's have, not the rego.

            there reliable as a ford model t.
            theyre nippy, not fast.
            i guess it would be unique.
            aftermarket is do able.

            its not a genuine colour. the clocks arnt right for a gsi. theres a fair bit of rust in it. and the engine conversion looks a bit rushed...


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              Reliable as a ford model t? ****. I dont mind high maintenance, but when its to the point that your pretty much car-less its not worth it... ford is almost as bad as BL.

              Should I bring over a stock car instead or what?

              as much as I didnt want to, I think a RHD Vauxhall will be a good choice. At least I can call the owners and fish for BS. My german sucks unless its written....
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                i thought model t's were reliable, hence why he sold 16 million of the ****s haha.

                id be bringing a stock car into the us.

                can you bring rhd stuff in?

                other place to look is spain. loads down there....


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                  Model T was rubbish. They didnt make songs back in 1900 like "Get out and get under" because they were work horses

                  RHD its POSSIBLE. but its not cheap.... here is the guidelines:

                  "If the vehicle you are seeking to import is a RHD, even if there were a U.S.-certified left-hand version of that vehicle, it might not be considered "substantially similar" for import eligibility purposes. Our experience has shown that the safety performance of RHD vehicles is not necessarily the same as that of apparently similar left-hand drive vehicles offered for sale in this country. However, NHTSA will consider the vehicles "substantially similar" if the manufacturer advises the agency in writing, on the manufacturer’s letterhead (and not that of an authorized dealership or other such entity affiliated with the manufacturer) that the RHD vehicle would perform the same as the U.S.-certified left-hand drive vehicle in crash tests. Absent such evidence, the petitioning RI would have to demonstrate that the vehicle, when modified, would comply. In this case, you might want to contact one or more of the RIs listed on our website to obtain their opinion on the feasibility of conforming the RHD vehicle to the FMVSS, and the costs involved in conforming the vehicle and petitioning NHTSA for a determination as to whether the vehicle is eligible for importation."

                  but then again I can negate the fact that it may or may not comply under the following:

                  "A motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the U.S. without regard to whether it complies with all applicable FMVSS. Such a vehicle would be entered under Box 1 on the HS-7 Declaration form to be given to Customs at the time of importation. If you wish to see that form, you may download a copy from our website at Page not found | NHTSA. You should note that the 25 year period runs from the date of the vehicle's manufacture. If the date of manufacture is not identified on a label permanently affixed to the vehicle by its original manufacturer, to establish the age of the vehicle, you should have documentation available such as an invoice showing the date the vehicle was first sold or a registration document showing that the vehicle was registered at least 25 years ago. Absent such information, a statement from a recognized vehicle historical society identifying the age of the vehicle could be used."


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                    As Rob said, look in Spain for one, they're really common and LHD too.
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                      Ill take a peek there. My Spain-ish is worse than my German lol. Mostly because Mexico Spanish and Spain Spain-ish are more different than you think.....


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                        Just refer to everyone as cabron, you'll be fine.
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                          On the subject of US import laws: Why are you allowed to drive round in Hummers, but you can't import a Nissan S15 due to the emissions being too high?


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                            its not the emissions being too high, its a conformity thing. starting certain years more things are required like child restraint anchors, curtain airbags are REQUIRED for any import newer than 2007, and most importantly the glass is all different. Ours is triple layered safety glass, and apparently you guys use clear plastic shower curtains.....

                            the Hummer H2 is actually just a 1986 chevy with badges on it that SCREAM "my willy is too small to make anyone happy so I throw money at them to pretend they like it".

                            We have kw/hp restrictions, headlight height restrictions, exhaust system restrictions, yadda yadda yadda. Im not a nissan fan, and dont really care that they dont bring many of the "performance" ones here, but I would GLADLY trade some of the stupid sh!t we sell here for them... You ever seen a Chevy SSR? lol!