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Advice on Automatic 2013 1.4 SE Corsa

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  • Advice on Automatic 2013 1.4 SE Corsa

    I am looking at buying a Corsa 1.4 Auto SE 2013 for my daughter , it has only done 11000 miles. No advisories on any of the MOT’s and has part service history.
    It comes with 12 months warranty and 12 months mot.
    Is there anything I should look out for when test drive and inspext the vehicle ? The garage is asking for £7800 for it.
    Thanks for any info in advance.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. Wow that seems a lot of money to me.I would of thought it should be around 5k. Something to look out for on an auto box. Is the changing of gears is it smooth going up though the gears. And in reverse.


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      Hi I'm not up to date on values but that does seem high. They have perhaps over inflated the value of having such a low mileage and the appeal of auto transmission for some drivers?

      Very Low mileage is not all good news. Assuming the mileage is correct the car has only averaged 1300 miles per year. Whats it been doing the rest of the time? Most engine wear occurs in the first couple of miles when the oil is cold . A car that has mostly been used for very short infrequent trips will have done most of its miles under the worst possible conditions . It may have more engine wear than a car that has covered many more miles under ideal conditions.

      A car that has sat idle for long periods can still deteriorate. Thats why servicing is periodic as well as mileage based. Brakes and other moving parts can rust and seize up, rubber parts perish, electrical contacts etc corrode.

      Its very tempting for an owner that only do a few miles a year to skip periodic servicing and just have it done by mileage. (which in this case it may only have had one or two in 8 years) Does the 'part' service history indicate this?

      Due to a change in circumstances there was a period when my Yaris was only doing about 2K miles per year. I had more things go wrong with it during that time than I do now, when its doing a lot more miles.

      I'm not saying this mileage means it cant be a good car. Only you can decide if its worth the asking price. You may find newer ,more eco friendly and fuel efficient alternatives for similar money, with perfectly acceptable lowish mileage.


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        Many thanks for your replies, I have found out that the car does not have service stamps since 2016. The garage is trying to find evidence of services from the previous owner.
        They will reduce price to £7200 but I am unsure even if they find evidence of service paperwork.


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          Seems expensive, a quick look on auto trader has a 2013 with 7500 miles for £5700, that's a significant price difference.

          Link: Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale


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            Probably only serviced during a 3 year servicing package from new. The lack of miles might explain why its not been done since . Not ideal, but not as bad as missed oil and filter changes on a higher mileage.. Maybe not a deal breaker if the price were right. But its still much too expensive in my opinion. And it would need to be given a FULL service , not just the usual quick oil/filter change. Things like changing brake and AT fluid . You'd also need to verify the mileage is correct, such as mileage recorded on MOT;s.

            Incidentally the car would presumably still have its original 8 year old tyres ,which should at this mileage still have plenty of tread left (or if not , why not? ) Yet tyre manufacturers recommend changing tyres if they reach 7 - 10 years old due to rubber degradation. At the very least they should be carefully examined for signs of perishing,micro cracking etc . (beware,- sellers routinely smarten up tyres with tyre shine type products. This might ,unintentionally ,disguise some signs of aging. ) You can check using a code on the side wall. Here is a guide Tyre age and tyre dot code | Help Centre |

            Bottom line is it may have the mileage and cosmetic appearance of a 1 year old car,, but its still an 8 year old car which in 3 years time will be 11 years old . By then its value will not be much higher than other 'runabouts ' of a similar age .Especially as by then those seeking an automatic may be prefer used electric/hybrid cars, rather than one from a bygone era. Sadly plenty of low mileage cars end up in the crusher.

            With your budget,and depending on your daughters expected annual mileage, it might even be worth looking at the economics of leasing a new car .