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Corsa E 1.0 Turbo (2015) LG Intellilink radio

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  • Corsa E 1.0 Turbo (2015) LG Intellilink radio

    Hello folks, new member here looking for a bit of help and advice....
    I Have a Corsa E 1.0 turbo 2015, been looking to upgrade the radio to satnav unit.
    The unit I purchased is from a Vauxhall Adam and stated it was a nav model, exactly the same unit as my factory unit but with nav on it....
    My question is... I know it needs to be married to my car and i need to send it away to have that done so not a problem, I have wired it up on my work bench and struck it up
    only to see the same screen as my original one.. ie FM AM DIGITAL AUX USB BLUTOOTH
    Do all the satnav units only use bringgo app to use nav features or is there a dedicated unit with nav on it so no apps to use...

    Radio model is LSP2GTA 9544 1722

    Any advice greatly appreciated

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    This technology is way too new for me I am only going by info in the following web site which you may already know about. Learn more about the BringGo App for your Vauxhall car

    I am assuming the new radio has intellilink technology included, and your old one does not. I am surprised you have been able to fire the system up on the work bench without simply getting a 'locked' display, but maybe this shows it was correctly wiped and 'divorced' from the old car using a scanner when it was removed.

    Vauxhall use the bringgo app for the adam. It connects the app on your smartphone via either bluetooth or usb. Maybe once the radio is fully installed and coded to your cars vin number it will 'see' your smart phone and extra functions will show as a sub menu on the usb or bluetooth icon.

    As to your main question, is there a unit with satnav built in without needing an app, or a link to a mobile phone? I dont know. But if there is one, it may be fairly old ,obsolete technology .And the unit may not fit the facia of your car. And Vauxhall might still control access to mapping and other software updates, and charge you main dealer prices to update. (unless you can find a hack) You'd be surprised how quickly maps change. Even with the latest update I often find myself on a new roads that Garmin dont know exists and assume I am doing 80 mph through fields.

    I have sometimes pondered aftermarket info radio systems on ebay. They often say they are satnav compatible, but sometimes this means buying an extra,plug in gps transmitter, and may not include maps etc. Using a phone based system that can be displayed on the main screen seems the best compromise. If you dont like bringoo,the same intellilink system might allow you to use other apps in the same way. (unless Vauxhall has blocked it as part of a money making deal with bringgo) If you dont want to run up mobile data charges there may be a system that can store all the mapping off line on your phone, although this wouldnt give you live traffic data.

    Incidentally a question of my own. I am looking for excuses for replacing my old phone. I dont currently have a car with the technology but might soon.. Can you use one phone just for satnav, storing music etc, ,maybe with its own 'data only' sim card, yet still make handsfree bluetooth calls with another phone? What if one is connected via usb, the other connecting via bluetooth?
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