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    hello peeps goin to ask stupid question i want to spray my car my self but not got a clue of what compressor will do the job can get one off ebay for 100 pound but dont know if it will do the job any ideas please

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    |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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      I've got a 60 gallon tank compressor, and I manage to get decent usage for air tools etc.

      I've also used a LVLP gun and can get a cars worth out of it, but I always turn the compressor back on half way to fill it back up.


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        I've just bought a Wolf 2.5HP, 50litre 9.5cfm jobbie from UK home shopping for 142 pounds. Same compressor as the Clarke item from Machine Mart for 198 pounds.

        It runs my spray gun OK. Bigger would be better for full resprays, but used with a bit of common sense it's fine. Only thing is the connections are Euro, but that's not a problem if you buy a few spare connectors with it.
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