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Advice please on buying a corsa

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  • Advice please on buying a corsa

    My daughter is looking at buying her first car ie a corsa d what is it I should be looking out for on buying one any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    The Corsa 'easytronic' automatic has a reputation for problems and is expensive to repair. If she needs an automatic its probably best to look for another make.

    But i'm not aware of any particular problems with the Corsa Manual cars. Others might be . All makes of car have their own particular 'weak spots' that gets mentioned now and again in used car reviews etc, but IMO the corsa is no worse than other cars of a similar target market .( Peugeot,citroen,Renault etc). Some ,such as the polo might be a bit less 'plasticky' inside,possibly more comfy but they are generally more expensive new and used. Some cars, particularly from the far east, have a reputation for reliability. But these do still go wrong, and often you find their reputation is more based on customer satisfaction at how the main dealer sorted out problems.

    You may be at the stage when its best to avoid expensive main dealers anyway, and find a well regarded independent garage. Some are vauxhall specialists hiring Vauxhall trained mechanics.

    Its down to personal choice really. If your daughter likes its style, and it meets her needs you are better off getting a good example of a Corsa than a bad example of something else . Check out insurance costs first.though to ensure you wont be looking at models you cant afford to insure. The Corsa D is a significantly larger and heavier than the corsa C although other makes have also increased the size of their B segment super minis .A 1 litre engine might struggle at times out of town. A smaller 'city car' may be more nippy ,if its size is adequate for her.

    We all like to think our daughters will be happy pootling around town, (and maybe she will ) but I recall my shock when my daughter inadvertently mentioned her first car , a classic original style VW beetle, could do 110 mph down hill. To be fair I never told my dad his 1.8 litre Morris Marina could also do 110mph

    Your main pitfalls buying a used car will be the same as with any other make. You could check out general 'buying a used car tips' on line. Personally I judge the seller as much as the car ,and try to come armed with a check list of things to check over and awkward questions. Those starting 'How , where, when, why etc' are harder to avoid, althougho used car sales persons are experts at doing so. Be wary if an apparent private seller is too slick with his (or her) answers. He may be a dealer trying to keep under consumer rights and tax radar. And all that glisters is not gold. I prefer honest dust etc in the engine bay than something meticulously tarted up to impress. Dont go alone,One of you might spot things the other does not And try to stop your daughter from being too enthusiastic. Better they think she really prefers something else.