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Advice re selling a non runner Corsa Ecoflex 1.3

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  • Advice re selling a non runner Corsa Ecoflex 1.3

    Looking for some advice on what to do with my corsa. It broke down the other day. Cam belt/chain gone and likely engine damage as a result. It’s 6 years old with 80k miles so not worth much now. Not sure it’s worth getting fixed or engine replaced but wanting to know what I might get for selling it as a non runner? Any advice would be appreciate.

    Kevin M

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    You might get more selling the car as salvage/non-runner (instead of scrap). Breaking it yourself would likely result in the most profit, but it takes time and isn't for everyone - I'm not sure I'd want half a car on my drive for months, or the hassle of storing/posting lots of parts.

    That said - if you or a friend has the mechanical know how and the means to replace an engine, then engines are likely to be cheap so it could be worth fixing, but if it's going to a garage then I suspect it would be uneconomical to do.
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      6 years old is not that old. New enough to be worthwhile for someone to replace the engine. They could make a good profit .

      The value of the car is basically what its worth in running condition ,less the cost of getting it repaired. Thats obvious , but thats only its value to you. For example £3k In GWO, , less £1k to fix. But you wont get £2k . Anyone buying it as a non runner is likely to be in the motor trade , even if its just a bloke doing up cars in his garden. For their time and effort and potential risk , and margin to sell the car again quickly, my guess is they would expect several hundred quid profit on the deal ,with the potential of a grand if things go well.They might only pay you £1K.

      This is just an example. I dont know the exact values or repair costs for your car. . Thats something you would need to research yourself. And could depend on exactly whats gone wrong, and labour costs locally. As JT999 says , if you pay top Dollar for garage repairs you may not save much if anything.

      Personally with a 6 year old car I would try to keep the car and get the work done myself. It does mean paying a fairly large amount up front , and some inconvenience , but I think when you later sell car, at its full value, you wont have lost as much overall. .You are cutting out the middle man.

      I'd try to find a small garage that will do the work at a good price maybe sourcing a good engine for you ,or they may be able to repair it with fewer parts. Or a used engine specialist who also does fitting. Maybe a small one or two man place with modest premises and low overheads. It might be worth searching out a few such places for estimates. They might even be interested in buying the car as a non runner. If you have already researched costs and values you might decide their offer is a fair one and a good plan B.

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