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Corsa B Help needed - Immaculate, low mileage, sell or keep as future classic?

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  • Corsa B Help needed - Immaculate, low mileage, sell or keep as future classic?

    Hi guys my an recently passed away and left me a v reg silver corsa b it's only done 29thou and has full dealership service history my question is do I keep as a future classic or sell I'm not sure what it's worth it's in immaculate condition as it's always been garaged

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    Any advice appreciated


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      I've given the thread a better title. I think it'll come down to what trim level, if it's a low one (LS for example) it's unlikely to be worth much even as it ages, but the higher trims may well be worth a fortune in future, or maybe be worthless once EV's take over and robots rule the world
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        Thankyou I might just put in garage and leave it a while give me time to think I'm not sure on trim tbh I will have to have a look


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          V reg is' only' 20 years old, .It probably needs at least that again before its considered a classic,and worth more financially. If you put it into store unused for more than a couple of months there are various things you need to do to prevent it deteriorating. You can look these up on line.

          Its better to try and keep the car taxed and insured, and drive it occasionally. But to state the obvious, the cost of this would exceed any gain in value, Unless having it available for occasional use justifies the costs.

          You could investigate whether you could off set some of the costs of keeping it running by registering it with an agency that provides period cars for film and tv work . They sometimes film scenes set only 20 years ago (such as the recent Dublin Murders drama) and need to populate it with cars that appear new (they tend to forget to include a few even older ones that would have been about at the time)