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  • Winter screen wash

    Its unseasonably warm here in Bulgaria at the moment (25C and sunny ) but rumour has it the uk is a nice place for ducks and brass monkeys at present.

    So guys dont forget to change, or strengthen your screen wash to avoid a frozen bottle, pipes or nozzles . Or changing to slush puppy when it hits the screen because of wind chill.

    Here are a couple of money saving tips. You can use quite a lot of screenwash and it aint cheap.

    In the uk its common to use the same screen wash all year round ,diluted a bit in summer. Very expensive! But never be tempted to use just water in summer. Plain water can grow algae and stuff in the washer bottle that will clog the filter. I now use summer screenwash that comes in a 100:1 concentrate. It works out very cheap ,smells of peaches , and is good at clearing squashed bugs.

    Today ,despite the 25C I have just topped up with my normal minus 20C screenwash.

    Less scope to make savings on expensive winter screenwash but its possible. Supermarkets in Bulgaria sell a huge range of winter screen washes and I did some calculations.

    You may assume that buying a concentrated strength (minus 60 for instance)and diluting it yourself will work out cheaper because you are not paying for extra water. But adding 2 litres of water to a litre of minus 60 does NOT make 3 litres of minus 20. IIRC its usually more like minus 15 or even minus 12 on some brands .(I dont know why but some brands quote worse dilution results than others of the same strength) . Similar losses occur when diluting other strengths such as minus 30.

    Diluting might still work out cheaper but the maths is NOT as simple as it might have seemed. But then again the UK doesnt always give you much choice in screenwash.

    In the end I settled on a cheap local brand that comes ready mixed at minus 20. Half the price of some dilution results and ready mixes. I have a screen wash strength hydrometer and tested it. genuine minus 20.

    BTW the warm weather has its down side. We are being plagued by ladybirds looking for a winter roost. Literally thousands of them. One may be pretty. In their thousands they are just beetles in party frocks. Even a single one can really stink (like damp leaves) if disturbed. And I never knew ladybirds sometimes bite. (something every aphid knows I suppose) If anyone wants a pet, you can have them for 50p a dozen. Discount for quantity. .

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    My memory didnt fail me. I checked today. To dilute Minus 60 screenwash into minus 20 you can only dilute it 1 part screenwash to 1 part water. Diluting with 2 parts water only gives you minus 12.

    The ready mixed minus 20 is 61p a litre . Diluting minus 60 to minus 20 works out at 73p a litre . To put this in context the same supermarket had wine boxes of perfectly decent chardonnay on offer at 70p a litre! I know which I prefer drinking.

    Not many ladybirds now. I shall have to raise the price.


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      You think about things a lot more than I do, easier to stay inside and not have to worry about the car being icy or dirty

      I just usually buy a bottle of ready mixed stuff or a bottle of water and get on with my day
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        I never claimed to be conventional. As the poem goes "What is this life ,if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare" Even if its just staring at screenwash. One of the benefits of being time rich is you still have time for other more exciting stuff. (or my idea of whats exciting) Even if the ladybird business makes me rich I will still likely look for value for money. Or expect my chauffeur to look for it.