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Bumper theft deterrent?

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  • Bumper theft deterrent?


    I purchased a 61 plate Corsa D a few weeks ago and it has already had an attempt of someone trying to steal the front end.

    I didn't realise how common this theft of front end parts was Corsas and also how easy it is to remove the bumper etc.

    What can I do as a deterrent. I've already booked it in for a Cat 2 to 1 alarm.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    I suppose its inevitable when a car reaches an age when many owners will be be the young impetuous and inexperienced drivers who are most likely to damage the front of their own cars and cannot afford the resulting high insurance premiums .

    The alarm will help if it detects door and bonnet opening. Unfortunatley the scumbags might cause some damage before reaching the stage where the alarm activates. Alarm stickers might persuade them to look elsewhere, especially if they are located at bumper removal locations. A shock sensor type alarm might pick up early attempts at interference with the bumper but these can be liable to false alarms. ( You dont want granny dying of shock when the alarm goes off as she brushes against your bumper in the supermarket car park -unless she is indeed the evil matriarch of the local spares theft gang who no one would suspect ) You could use a fairly low volume beeper that might dissuade thieves from continuing, but less likely to kill granny .Although she may wet herself.

    You could also make it more difficult to remove by replacing any cross head , allen or torxs screws with high security types needing a special bit.

    As a budget measure you could try fitting a door light plunger switch in such a way that it would open and set off the car horn at an early stage of any attempt to remove the bumper. Trouble is they might spot the switch easily and simply push it in again , or quickly disable the horn.

    I would also mark the bumper in some way that is not obvious but would allow you to identify it to the police as definitely yours. Such as your postcode using invisible ultra violet pen .This would help if they raid a yard with suspected stolen parts.
    Also maybe some small unique unobtrusive scratch that can be seen from the outside which would alert you if you suspect a local car has your bumper fitted.
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      Bugman thanks for the tips.

      The Police sent a neighbourhood email out today from which I have taken this section:-

      Please be aware that Vauxhall Corsas are being targeted for body parts,

      The following parts have been stolen , Bonnet, Bumpers, & Lights !!

      We have had 3 x victims of these offences

      1 x On 26/08/19 between 22.30hrs & 00.00hrs on 27/08/19 ABC Road, offenders have smashed a passenger window of a 16 plate Vauhall Corsa to allow access to the bonnet release and once opened have stolen the bonnet

      2 x On 28/08/19 at approx 00.40hrs DEF Road, offenders attempted to steal a front bumper to a 61 plate Vauxhall Corsa but where disturbed.

      3 x On 28/08/19 at approx 14.30hrs & 08.00hrs on 29/08/19 GHI Road, offenders have gained entry to an 03 plate Vauhall Corsa and stolen front bumper, & 2 x front headlights.


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        Ah there you go. Was number 2 the attempt on your car? If number 3 had been a corsa D then maybe they would now have the parts they needed to repair one car and the crime spree would have ended (until they crash it again). But the third one was a corsa C, suggesting they are either very stupid , or they are stealing for resale , Or a group of like minded toerags all have corsas in need of improvement and think nothing of acquiring spares in this way.
        And they may still need a front end for a corsa D. Sorry to say it your car might still be at higher than normal risk.

        I am in eastern europe at present and there are numerous scrap yards filled with the front ends of cars .Same is true in Greece. I am not saying the thefts in the uk are by eastern european gangs (although its possible) It just goes to prove there is a large demand for front end parts,and this is likely to also be true in the UK. And quite a lot of money to be made. And self generating. Those who have their bonnet etc stolen need to replace it and may unwittingly buy a bonnet stolen from someone else - or even be buying their own !

        My car has an alarm with a bonnet lift switch. I think it was a vauxhall approved system that was fitted by the main dealer. It may not save the window being put in. . It also had a shock sensor as an add on, but it gave too many false alarms so I disconnected it.

        I think its also possible to buy bonnet anti theft locks. You may not wish to go to this much trouble, especially if you are fitting an alarm but it may be an idea for others reading this.

        I'd fit lots of alarm stickers to show you have taken extra precautions, in case they try again. And maybe extend my tips about marking with your post code using an invisible security marker pen to other vulnerable parts. And maybe note down ,and photographs, any unique scratches and chips on your body panels etc,(or add a tiny mark of your own ) Note down Serial numbers radios , electrical parts etc

        The police may have a crime prevention officer who may be able to advise more about security precautions .
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          Bugman Yes mine was number 2.


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            Lets hope being disturbed puts them off trying again. Sometimes its where the car is parked that can make the difference. Sometimes its better to park somewhere in the open than to tuck it away.(you have any choice!) Its easy to assume that high hedges, fences and walls protect a house or other property from theft. Often this is true but sometimes it has the opposite effect of allowing them to break in or 'work' unseen. If the car is parked on your drive etc or where someone should not have legitimate reason to go anywhere near it maybe think outside the box You could set up a security camera with a flashing led overlooking the car. even if its just a dummy. Security lighting set off by movement sensors have disadvantages as they are often set off by cats and foxes and are likely to really annoy you and the neighbours. But maybe some system that detects them but only acivates led lights and quiet beepers that are enough to spook intruders but in reality will no wake you every time puss or foxy wander past. cause any problems when puss or foxy wander past.

            I have a trail camera that I use to record foxes and stuff in the garden overnight. So far no Human intruders, but I now know cats lick the BBQ The one I have has infrared lights that light up when movement is detected at night. These are of the type that are just visible to humans when they light up. (but they wouldnt light up in daylight but would record any activity. ) If you happened to have one (or can see the appeal of buying one anyway for the foxes and hedgehogs ) and are able to set it up somewhere where it might be seen but cannot itself be stolen, who knows what you might learn or what evidence you might be able to provide.

            I can highly recommend mine for anyone thats interested ., A Browning recon force model BTC 7a. Excellent battery life and picture quality. Its a bit more expensive than some. Avoid cheap chinese no names. They almost always gobble batteries every few days. . Mine last for months .