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How much data does Waze or Google Maps use?

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  • How much data does Waze or Google Maps use?

    Just switched to a Corsa E after having a D for a few years. Now I have a USB port and I have been told the Intellilink has Android auto so I want to start using that with Waze and Maps as my friend recommended. Does anyone know how much data this uses? I'm not phone savvy and have a payg plan at the moment but was thinking about getting a cheap android phone and just leaving that in the car with another sim inside it.

    How much data will Waze use, say for a 2 hour drive? I have been searching and saw this The Best SIM for Your Car: Which Data SIM Card Should You Get For In-Car Wi-Fi? - which recommends a Three Data Reward SIM as you get 200 megabytes of data free every month. But is that enough??

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    It doesn't use a lot, even less if you set the route up whilst on wifi (it kind of caches the journey then). I've done a little digging and it's reported that Waze will use about 0.23Mb per hour assuming you set the journey up whilst on Wifi.

    Google Maps appears to use a bit more, suggests about 0.6MB per hour, again I think you'd need to set the route up whilst on wifi for this to be accurate.
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        If you decide to get a cheap android phone make sure its operating system version is compatible with the car (or can be upgraded) . Some cheap bargains are a few versions out of date.