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I'm ashamed of my brakes

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  • I'm ashamed of my brakes

    This is one of the discs that have just come off my Corsa in Bulgaria. Although my cars are rarely clean and host various flora and fauna I normally pride myself on keeping them reasonably well maintained. I must have taken my eyes off the ball here.

    In my defence I did spot the problem myself (eventually) . Amazingly the car had passed the Bulgarian MOT not long ago. The other disc was equally bad so the brakes were quite well balanced really . And the outer ,more visible, face of each disc were normal so braking performance was still quite good. No pulling to the side ,or grinding noises. So it was able to pass the rolling road brake tests.( Better than a typical Lada I suppose.) Their visual inspection underneath is cursory at best .

    I normally carry out my own 'pre MOT test' but missed this . (and probably have for a few years) . I suppose I wasnt entirely happy with the brake balance readings shown on their computer ( I'm nosy ) even though it passed. And with hindsight the ABS did tend to kick in more often than expected on snow and ice. So I had a proper look. eek !

    Now its got nice new Brembo discs and pads.

    Click image for larger version

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    Wowzers, but at least you're sorting!
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      See it all the time, inner faces are normally covered by shields so easy to miss, must feel better now though!

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        Yes much better.

        I suppose the car is more vulnerable than most. It is sometimes unused for long periods ,outside in all weathers then might only used for long straight runs with little need for braking.

        They need extra attention , and the occasional heavy braking work out.