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  • Warrantywise

    Anyone used them my 12 months cover is due to expire and not sure whether to renew. Seems to be a lot of small print

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    Originally posted by peter View Post
    Anyone used them my 12 months cover is due to expire and not sure whether to renew. Seems to be a lot of small print


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      Never used them, but usually these third party warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Reviews seem OK, it depends on what you expect from it really, they likely won't cover anything they class as wear and tear.
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        As above, so many little details that you dont notice , often says you must have the car serviced at their recommended garage at more frequent intervals than standard,. and the called wear and tear clause is a massive get out for them ,so you wont get a decent warranty for a cheap price.


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          I wouldnt want to comment on any warranty. whoever its from. If I say its not worth getting one its S**'s law you will have an expensive breakdown that might have been covered. But its an insurance (or more accurately a contingency plan) . To quote the Dirty harry movie, "you've got to ask yourself one question .Do I feel lucky? Well do ya...? (I've left off the last word)

          Warrantywise have Quentin claiming he has done a deal to remove 'weasel words' from the terms and conditions. They claim they are better than other companies in how they define a breakdown and consequential secondary damage.etc. Maybe they are better but if their definition increases their risk of paying out they still have to make a profit. Which is more likely ,A) They give something others do not for free out of the kindness of their hearts or B) they charge more, or work harder to avoid paying out ,or the apparent advantage is not as great as it seems. etc?

          They tend to use chirpy humour as an alternative to 'weasel words' but the meaning and restrictions are still there. Whether they call him 'Wally weasel 'or try to disguise the true extent of his bite by calling it 'Monty Mustela ' I still would not want to put one down my trousers.

          You MUST have the car regularly and comprehensively serviced,on time and mileage, by a VAT registered garage. But they then go on to say something like they are more likely to be satisfied if you use a main dealer. To me this means they will thoroughly investigate and will be more likely to find loop holes to avoid paying out if you dont.

          Then of course the biggie. --wear and tear exclusions . They try to make light of this with humour . Saying all companies have to have these exclusions or they would go bust by the end of the week. They cite the situation of someone buying a wreck ,then getting it repaired on the warranty, or keeping an ageing car in continued tip top mechanical condition in the same way. This is true. You cannot really expect them to pay out without question.

          Bottom line is you are only insuring against a totally unexpected major breakdown. And only if they agree. Bear in mind all companies will wriggle and wriggle to find ways of avoiding paying out.

          Really its a personal decision. How likely is it you might have a major breakdown, how likely is it they will pay up and will I survive financially if they dont? It could be better to put the same amount each month into a contingency savings fund of your own.

          Depending on the age of your car and circumstances,financing arrangments etc it could work out not that much more expensive having a new,more economical, car on lease with full manufacturers warranty, service plan etc,and simply return the car before the mot is due. . Of course these plans also have terms and conditions.
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            AS per Bugmans 2nd to last paragraph, you'd be better off sticking some money into a cash ISA or similar, on the off chance something happens.

            Then if nothing does happen, and when you come to sell the car, you have a nice little chunk of money towards the new motor
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