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How common is piston failure in Corsa 1.6 T VXR ?

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  • How common is piston failure in Corsa 1.6 T VXR ?

    Hi , agreed to buy Corsa 1.6 T vxr very soon and left deposit with dealer , 2013 year , 34000 miles with full service history.
    Been recently reading online about piston failure which is making me very nervous now In completing deal .Iím not intending to race car around as I tend to look after them. Is this a very common fault ? Can it be avoided by driving it with respect ?
    Thanks for taking time to read. Regards

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    It depends on its previous history/owner , as it is a performance car, and is used as such. so a higher rate of failures /wear is common on many items .ie brakes,suspension, clutch etc. so you takes your chance


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      As Durgaman says it depends on the previous owner. As with all high performance versions of more modest cars , some drivers will rev the nuts off them. Some will do it on a cold engine. Some will get them remapped for even more power, even though its already near to its limits without major internal upgrades.And thrash it on the track on race days. Then wonder why their nearly new VXR breaks and are shocked to find the main dealer says it needs a brand new £6K engine.

      Many cars have their own Achilles heal, the weak point most likely to fail first if the car is abused . On the corsa VXR its number 4 piston.
      It doesnt take many such failures to affect the reputation and resale value of a car. It then becomes more attractive to 'enthusiasts', who get a lot of power for their buck ,but may be those more likely to abuse it in the future.

      If the worst comes to the worst I believe the pistons can be replaced by independent specialists for a fraction of the price of the new engine option that would have been favoured while the car was still under manufacturers warranty. An unwelcome expense maybe , but possibly worth the risk if the car is attractively priced in the first place.

      If you are lucky it may have been owned by someone like my OAP neighbour, who bought an AMG mercedes to go to Waitrose. All he really wanted was the top of the range and a bit more power and will never push it near its limits

      . It might also be worth paying to have an independent vehicle inspection prior to purchase.