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Need Professional (DTI / CDTI ) Help - Whats better?

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  • Need Professional (DTI / CDTI ) Help - Whats better?

    so im looking into a new car and a corsa c is probably best for me
    cheaper insurance
    cheaper to run and maintain etc

    I just havent decided which car is better... (the following)

    * 1.7DTi SXi (2002 - Isuzu) engine code : y17 DT
    * 1.7CDTi (2005 - ?????) engine code: z17 DTH

    both have under 100,000 miles on the clock and never been messed with....

    So here is my question !!

    Which one should i get, knowing i will be putting an induction kit, blow off valve, maybe an intercooler and possibly re-map/ecu tuning box..
    would be great if anyone can tell me the difference

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry for the delay. I think you can safey say that none of us know for sure. I can only state the obvious. Both the 1.7 engines you list are made by Isuzu. They are better regarded than the 1.3 cdti engine made by Fiat.

    If you didnt plan any modifications the newer engine might be the best bet as it may have better fuel consumption and eco friendly mods. But these could have a negative affect on tuning potential, but of course you know this, thats why you asked .

    You may have better luck on an Isuzu forum,(or other cars using this engine) .Even if you cant find an exact answer to your question the sites might mention engine tuners or remappers who are familiar with this engine. They will probably be happy to advise a potential new customer.


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      Just a quickie, DERVs and Blow-off valves are difficult and don't have the desired effect as a Turbo Petrol due to how Diesels work (BOV release pressure between the Throttle body and the Turbo...diesels don't have a throttle body as such)
      I mean you can get them...but for the noise, you'd be better off just sticking a cone filter on

      Also, the DTi isn't as refined as the CDTi...BUT, they're known to be a lot more reliable.

      If you're planning on tuning etc, stick with the CDTi...always go modern. I have a friend with a Corsa D SRi CDTi, thats mapped, catback, DPF removed and mapped, and it's an absolute beast
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