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DPF to be a part of MOT Test

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  • DPF to be a part of MOT Test

    New rules for MOT to test for diesel particulate filter

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    AFAIK this involves a visual check that it's there, as most removals just remove the inside it won't change anything
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      Already been a thread on this hasn't there?
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        I think it was discussed in another unrelated thread. I think it was mentioned that the testers could hit it with a spanner, and if it had its internals intact, it would dislodge soot and it would puff a bit of smoke out the exhaust, if it was gutted then it wouldnt puff smoke. Or something like that. Doesnt really bother me, I dont own a diesel and have no plans to.
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          Just be a case of more dodgy mot's, which means nthing or less than before will get checked. So in actual fact, cars will be less "road worthy"


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            Visual inspection only (at the moment)

            The problem i'll have is DPF on a diesel looks like a cat, except the DPF has sensor going to it. Cat doesn't.
            When DPF is removed, sensor goes into a straight pipe / gutted DPF then mapped out. Mines never had a sensor as it had a cat.

            Cat removal on a diesel isn't an MOT fail yet, but going to have a hard time convincing my MOT inspector that my car came with a cat and not a DPF.