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  • Corsa B/x14xe parts

    Here i have various parts off a 1.4 16v engine and a few Corsa B body parts. Everything is in a used but good condition.

    Payment must be through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash in hand. Items will not be sent until payment is cleared.

    8.5mm performance HT leads, great condition. 25 posted (x14xe/x16xe/c16xe)

    Standard corsa b scuttle, great condition, no broken lugs or cracks. 8 posted

    Standard corsa b rear lights, great condition with only the drivers slide having very slight marks. 15 posted.

    Corsa b facelift bumper with irmscher splitter. Bumper was sprayed professionally just over a year ago and has minimal stone chipping. 30 for the bumper on its own, 50 for the splitter (could do with a respray) or 70 for the bumper and splitter together. Postage will be extra with these but offers will be accepted.

    Also have a facelift rear bumper that was spray the same time as the front. 30, postage will be extra.

    De restricted air box. 10 posted

    x14xe/x16xe air box to throttle body air intake pipe, with air temp sensor, mint condition no splits etc. 18 posted

    x14xe wiring loom, great condition, just needs a thermostat sensor and temp pickup sensor to complete. 35 posted.

    x14xe ECU, perfect condition and dry stored, came off my car last month fully working. 35 posted.

    x14xe/x16xe head shield, 10 posted with fresh paint.

    Gm x14xe/x16xe coil pack, in perfect working order. 20 posted.

    x14xe/x16xe coolant bottle to rad pipe, great condition. 10 posted.

    x14xe injectors + rail, full working order. 35 posted.

    GM EGR valve, just over a year old with a receipt for 100. 30 posted.

    x14xe idle control valve, perfect working order. 8 posted.

    x14xe throttle position sensor, perfect working order. 8 posted.

    Upper x14xe/x16xe inlet manifold with throttle body. 18 posted. (bare lower inlet available for the same price)

    x14xe GM crank sensor, perfect working order, only a few months old. 12 posted

    x14xe/x16xe/c16xe engine cover, painted star silver 2 with a vauxhall decal, few marks but nothing too bad. 16 posted.

    All items are located in Kent CT10, collection is welcome.
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    Bumpy bump!


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        I honestly don't know how this thread exists (the forum it is in doesn't exist now...)
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          Bump! Need stuff gone, offers accepted on everything


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            Few parts gone, some items price dropped... Grab some bargains


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              Also have a mint tigra scuttle (pics to follow) 20 posted


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                    Bump! Also have a mint tigra scuttle, no scuffs and lugs intact 18 posted


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                      Ayup mate inbox me your paypal address ill take the airbox


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                        Originally posted by P1nky View Post
                        Ayup mate inbox me your paypal address ill take the airbox
                        Will dig it out tomorrow night and send over details mate


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                          Spot on mate send me the details and ill fire you over the money anyway


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                            Egr valve, tigra scuttle, ht leads and airbox sold.
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                              Also got an F15 close ratio gearbox 30