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MK 2 Nova Project BREAKING

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  • MK 2 Nova Project BREAKING

    No one has come to buy this so its time to break it as its been here too long and have to where to store it

    so everything is available and all open to offers
    all prices are with out postage

    Bonnet 35
    New Wing 30
    Old Wing, one rust scab and dent a front but still good 20
    O/s Door has repair panel fitted 30
    N/s Door, i was going to plate the rotten holes, still repairable 15
    Boot 25
    front bumper 20
    rear bumper 20
    grille 20
    2x head lights 10each
    2x inducators 15 pair
    2x N/s/r lights 10 each
    O/s/r light 10
    Boot handle 15
    Grey dash 20
    Windscreen 40
    rear screen 25
    1/4 windows 15 each
    door glass 15 each
    small windows 10 each
    mirrors 10 each manual

    all powder coated and poly bushed bits 220
    bottom arms
    rear arb
    tank straps
    tie bars
    fuel neck