• Mark Bakers 400bhp Corsa B With BOOOOST!! Total Vauxhall Feature!

    Mark Bakers' (Vegas) 400BHP Corsa is due to appear in Total Vauxhall this December! His project thread is available HERE
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      Vegas -
      I have an article
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      BenWilliams21 -
      Awesome man!! Well deserved
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      tanktop -
      Well done!!

      About time!!!!
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      Dave -
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      Vegas -
      Site is mentioned in the mag too
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      Aaron -
      Congratulations , all your work getting some due credit.
    1. KingoStarr's Avatar
      KingoStarr -
      Why would you do this to a 5 door?

      waste of money

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      aj80 -
      Well done Vegas and why not do it to a 5 door lol gives the more doors a bit more street cred
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      Coleman -
      Lol, fkin stupid intercooler! Hope it rains
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      CorsaEdi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Coleman View Post
      Lol, fkin stupid intercooler! Hope it rains
      What intercooler? Can't see one in the pic at all....
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      tomush -
      A 5 door? haha jokes, well done!
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      CORSA UIO -
      : Thumbs_up:
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      pydeeny -
      is there a link to article itself anywhere online or can somebody scan it in, just interested thats all.