Alright lads thought it was about time I stuck up a separate log of my Gsi,
Bought the car at the start of November for a bargain price because it had spun the big end shells.
Thought Id see could I get away with replacing the bearings but 20 later and the engine still rattling its nuts off no joy ahh well
Spent the next few days having a think on what to do next
Well we all knew what I'd end up doing went on a hunt for a engine and ended up getting one off tony as well
So I stayed up all Saturday night and we got cracking fitted the 1.6 along with a service kit and a power box
Running very well have to say but she's smoking a bit slightly white smoke is this normal engine was sitting up 2+ years possibly more and all my corsa's have smoked a bit
Some pics sorry tony have to rob a few of yours as mine are **** lol

-Original Red GSI bought from Belfast last May with 90k on the car.
-Lowered 40mm on FK springs.
-Team Heko wind deflectors
-K&N Panel Filter
-Aero front wiper blades
-Punto rear wiper arm
-Stubby aerial
-Sony CD Player
-White dials with red needles
-MOMO steering wheel
-GSI gear gaitor
Mantzel rep power box

-The previous owner replaced numerous parts like...all dash bulbs, all 4 speakers, new radiator, header tank, new genuine Vauxhall front shocks, front pads, track rod ends, new battery, side repeaters, all bulbs on exterior including fogs, aerial rubber seal, headlamp holding bushes, new genuine vauxhall rubber mats

A few bits I have to be fitted are
Astra gsi brakes dunno if ill bother with these
Raptor back box 3 inch inward rolled tip
Sparco strut brace
Full bilstens b12 suspension with 40mn eibach springs
Don't really want to change it to much just a good sprucing up tis all
And a few ponies
It's ****ing manky so excuse the pics
Pics time don't have to many here's Tony's anyway

Never put caps on

Bit of a mess here at the minute

But with my strut brace my mint silver rocker cover and the powerbox polish it should be tidy enough
Unsure what the plans are at the moment as I'm changing me mind every 5 minutes I think I'm going to rip the 1.6 back out of me blue
Fit me cage steering wheel bucket and my c20let and make a mint show/summer car this is my blue one as people don't know

Cheers guys