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Thread: Classifieds: Hints & Tips

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    Classifieds: Hints & Tips

    Some helpful pointers when using the Classifieds section on

    1. Make sure you gather all the relevant details of the person you are trading with. For example, Name, Address, Landline phone number.

    2. When paying for goods be aware of the different payment methods open to you. Payment upon collection is a good option (but be aware of your own personal safety). When that is not practical, electronic payment (bank transfer, Paypal etc) is recommended.

    Do your homework on the person you are dealing with to make sure he/she is genuine and reduce the risk of any problems.

    3. Be patient and be communicative with buyer/seller. Transactions take time.

    4. Be sure to ask plenty of questions if in doubt. Genuine traders do not mind being questioned.

    5. Before posting in the For Sale sections, check the wanted section to see if anyone is requesting what you are selling. Before posting in the Wanted section, check the For Sale sections to see if anyone is selling what you are looking for.

    6. All For Sale adverts must have a base price, a location and payment option. If any of these are not entered, the thread will not be able to be posted.

    7. Selling on behalf of others is not permitted in any circumstance.

    8. Ebay adverts have their own section.

    9. Please Be Aware - If anything looks too good to be true, it usually is.
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