Righto, here is the links etc i've managed to find:

Basic Conversion Stuff including wiring!!!!

Thanks to LEE on Corsa-C

Bypassing Rear Boost Pressure Solenoid

Thanks to .Dez on Corsa-C

Boost Pressure and Vaccuum line tutorial

Thanks to holtt on Corsa-C

Parts Needed for z20le* Conversion

A list of recommended suppliers for below parts:
Conversion Fitting
Wiring Guide
WG motorworks Fitting KIT


Z20le* Engine (bought bare or with extras some of which may be listed below please check before purchase)
As said you may have purchased an engine seen running so many parts below you will already have however the list is here for you to be able to reference back and ensure you have the correct parts you could need for the conversion
Mounts: Mtech do a kit you can purchase containing hubs, mounts shafts etc. (see post 16)


Astra GSi front gearbox mount (9156951)
Astra GSi driverside engine mount (90576148)
Corsa 1.7cdti passenger side mount (24463127 + 13160000)
Corsa 1.7cdti rear gearbox mount (24463130 + 24463131)
10mm spacer plate for rear gearbox mount

Zlet gearlinkage and lever

Zlet ecu set (key chip, transponder, ECU)

Driveshafts Gsi equal length


Appropriate uprated suspension

1.8 rear beam (optional)

Warrens wiring guide

Tx fmic set up (optional and recommended)

Gsi rad or 1.8 rad

Standard fan

Service parts (oil, oil filter, spark plugs, fuel filter)

Fuel return line of astra GSi, or make one up

Cone airfilter

Appropriate ecu remap

Barometric sensor

Ecu plate from z20le*

Rocker Cover

Spark plug Cover

Turbo Oil feel where bolts to turbo.

A/C Alloy bracket with belt tensioner

Aux belt

Crank Pulley

Thermostat + Housing

Throttle body

Breather pipe from rocker cover to throttle body

Cambelt belt covers

Oil returbo Bolt

Turbo washer plate

Bell housing bolts

O2 sensors

Rear BCS

Coolant metal water way

Oil pressure switch


Clutch (c20let similar to courtenay fast road)

Coil Pack

Wiring loom

All the correct bolts for the items

Cams seals

Exhaust gasket

Rocker cover gasket + O rings

Thermostat gasket

Rear head water way gasket

Side head water way gasket

Turbo return cooper seals

Oil cooler pipe seals x8

Astra gsi start loom, need oil pressure plug and rbcs plug off of it

Appropriate exhaust:
Precat decat
Sports cat/decat
Centre resonated/non res
2.5inch bore or above recommended.

Optional Upgrades:
VXR turbo
Hard boost pipes
Crossover delete
Enlarged Top hat
Vxr injectors
Vxr 80mm maf
Uprated fuel pump
Dump valve
Recirc valve
Hoses - water etc.

a basic price list:

engine 1050
brakes 260
spax 250
actuaor 130
DV + boost pipe 110
gearbox 130
loom 70
rad pack 80
hoses 35
aircon pump 25
conversion kit 470
fmic 323
vxr maf and injectors 140
fitting, rebuild, clean + paint block 775
ecu kit 220
ebay parts 110
parts warren 260
parts joe 260
exhaust 430
clutch release bearing + wheel bearings 100
new 1.8 rad 50
total 5278

i will copy the wiring pinouts into a proper excel document when i have a chance.