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Thread: How to renew fuel filter

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    How to renew fuel filter

    1. Park the car in gear an chock the front wheels
    2. Jack the rear of the car up and support adequately with axle stands.

    How to renew fuel filter-image040.jpg

    The fuel filter is located under the car on the drivers side rear quater.

    3. The filter is held in place with a bracket, remove the screw and bend the bracket out.

    How to renew fuel filter-image041.jpg

    4. Use a screw driver to push the pins in on the connectors to remove the may want to place a bucket under the car to catch the petrol - only a little should come out. What is in the tank will stay there as the pump isn't on.

    How to renew fuel filter-image042.jpg

    5. Clip new filter in an push pipes back on and tighten the bracket back up.

    As there is now no fuel in the fuel lines I bleed the system - you may be able to just pump the accelerator.

    6. Remove wire on ignition coil.

    How to renew fuel filter-image043.jpg

    7. Remember to take it out of gear - turn the engine over (it will not start, it will draw the fuel through the fuel lines).

    8. Remove caps on the end of the fuel rail to reveal the bleed valve push the pin in an the air will be removed from the lines. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until no more air comes out.

    How to renew fuel filter-image044.jpg

    9. Reconnect coil and it should start first time
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    For people doing this. No need for bleeding, just crank until it fires
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    As Vegas said. No need to bleed on a petrol really. Cranking will do just fine.
    Thanks for the tutorial though JT

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    i dont even bleed diesels at work just hold them at 1500 rpm for 30 seconds clears the air out with fuel filter filler with fresh diesel

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    I've never bled the system either. Changed the fuel filter several times on my Corsa with no problems just firing it up.

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