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Thread: How to change your oil

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    How to change your oil

    Tutorial is aimed at Corsa B but should be simple enough to work on all models/cars

    Regular Oil and filter changes are vital to your engine, it helps to prolong its life and keep it running sweet. Vauxhall recommend changing the oil and filter every 9000 miles or every year. Personally i prefer to do it every 6000 miles.

    Equipment needed
    Oil (refer to your owners/haynes manual or ring vauxhall for the recommended viscosity)
    Oil filter
    Oil filter removal tool (this might not be neccessary as the filter arent supposed to be on very tight, i manage to remove mine with my hands)

    How to change your oil-1382838440_2945b34905.jpg
    NOTE! I also used wynns engine flush before performing an oil change, its very good at cleaning all the crap and deposits in the engine as well as quieting and noise hydraulic tappets.

    You may of noticed the oil is for a diesel engine! The reason for this is that i get oil in a trade pack for a silly price and it so happened that my dad bought diesel oil. It doesnt make any difference the oil is basically identical and i know people who prefer to use it in their petrol cars due to some of its properties.

    Suitable container to collect the oil

    Containers to store the oil
    Kitchen towel or cloth
    You wont need the containers if you have a proper draining container.

    How to change your oil-1382834444_96b2bec2d8.jpg

    Socket set
    Axle stands or ramps

    How to change your oil-1381944583_1b32caa1e9.jpg
    How to change your oil-1382836596_922aa160c4.jpg

    Right then! First off, start up the engine and get it to running temperature, turn off and let it cool down for approx 10 minutes, so the oil isnt too hot so you dont burn yourself, this makes the oil thinner and easier to drain. Then get the car on level ground and jack it up, support on axle stands or ramps. Leave the jack under there just in case, you dont want 900kgs of corsa lying on top of you!

    How to change your oil-1381946871_a3c383800e.jpg

    Place the newspaper under the car as its likely that you will spill some (I manage to every blo*dy time )

    How to change your oil-1382845006_6d032260e3.jpg

    Then remove the oil cap

    How to change your oil-1382028207_f77ae26907.jpg

    Place the collecting container under the sump nut

    How to change your oil-1381950867_f45d8ef5e2.jpg

    Get the correct size socket (think its 17mm) and start to slowly undo the sump nut, but dont take it out! undo the last few turns with your hand and try to keep the plug in there, the oil will gush out with some velocity behind it. Then take away the plug quickly and let it drain into the container.

    How to change your oil-1381953361_59a80270d8.jpg
    How to change your oil-1381955649_1be4f74b86.jpg

    Let the oil drain away until you're just left with it dripping, then clean the immediate area around the plug

    How to change your oil-1382853204_fe68e45e5c.jpg

    Clean off the sump nut and its washer, check for any damage and replace it if you need to.

    How to change your oil-1382855204_a36fc4d65b.jpg

    Next thing to do is to removal the oil filter, i found it easier to slacken it from above and then to completely remove it from underneath the car. Access on the 16v models is easier, its located near the top of the engine at a slight angle. Be aware that the oil filter holds a few hundred millilitres of oil, so be careful and dont go spilling it everywhere! Make sure the drain container is underneath to catch any spillage.

    How to change your oil-1382862572_35b679509c.jpg

    Clean any oil on the block and around where the oil filter should be, especially around the seal.

    How to change your oil-1381961307_11d0ee0086.jpg

    Then refit the sump nut and tighten to the specified torque of 41 Lb ft (55NM)

    How to change your oil-1381962605_c35a4d7404.jpg

    Now get the nice new oil filter and smear some new engine oil around the seal like so

    How to change your oil-1381964711_ef2e0e0abd.jpg

    Fit the new oil filter and screw hand tight, then tighten another 3/4 of a turn Do you not use any tools

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Lower the car back down and start pouring in that fresh oil through the oil filler cap, do around a litre at a time and let the oil drain into the sump for a minute or 2. The Corsa has a 3.5 litre capacity if you wanted to know, Continue to fill the car with oil until you think you have poured in enough, you can check by looking at the dipstick. Be careful not to overfill it.

    Refit the oil cap and start the engine. It vital that you do not rev it you need to give the oil a chance to flow round the engine and fill all the oil galleries etc, if you start revving it you run the risk of doing some damage Let the engine run for approx 10 minutes then switch off the engine.

    Recheck the oil level (dipstick) and top up if necessary. Then that's it you're all done

    Let the oil settle in the sump for a couple of minutes
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    If you use engine flush, follow its instructions first and make sure you remove old gasket of oil filter too. I personally let the engine run for about 10 secs after oil chance and wait few minutes and top it off.

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