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Thread: How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable

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    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable

    Step One:

    Open your bonnet and look for a thread bar (mine was located under the battery)

    My 1.2 16v
    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable-img_0001ac.jpg

    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable-img_0002.jpg

    Josh's 8v (its alittle harder to find)
    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable-dscf1218medium1.jpg

    Look for a thread bar (see below)
    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable-img_0003.jpg

    Step Two:

    Hold the thread bar in your left hand, and slowly pull it towards the front bumper, and twist the holding nut back towards the windscreen.
    How-To: Adjust The Clutch Cable-img_0003help2.jpg

    Sorry about the poor job on Paint, not the best program ,lol.


    Turn the nut 2 full turns first, the release the bar slowly. Start car and see where the biting point is. If it feels good/better then your done, if you feel it requires further adjustment repeat step one and two again, BUT ONLY TURN NUT TWO MORE FULL TURNS AND THEN TEST AGAIN.

    Also, on the corsa sports, the secondary air pump is in the way. It can be moved aside by undoing the 2 nuts holding the bracket on.
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    Hi, I've just been outside to try this on my car, but I couldn't locate the clutch bar. I'm wondering if I have a hydraulic clutch, but don't know how to find this out! My car is a Corsa Comfort 1.2 16v 02 plate. Can anyone help please?

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    You would be better creating a help thread mate. But yes yours is hydraulic clutch and even though you could bleed it your self they should be bled backwards.

    Dealers only charge around 30 quid for complete brake and clutch fluid replacement.

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